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How to stay stylish in the “new normal”

How to stay stylish in the “new normal”

Before COVID-19 our main fashion problem was “I have nothing to wear,” but  in our new normal it is “I have NOWHERE to wear it!”

Over the past 6 months we have drastically adjusted our lives. From working at home in our pjs instead of finding our next office outfit, to having more small casual gatherings in the park instead of fancy outings, or trying to do more hikes in nature. In recent months, style has been pretty low on our list of worries.

Whether you’re still working from home or already back in the office the shift in fashion is undeniable and as a result we tend to gravitate towards more casual and comfort wear. However, I think we can all agree that a cute, stylish outfit is good therapy to help us boost our mood; inspire, motivate, and help us survive this crazy year. Below I share some ways in which we can be comfortable but still look stylish.

1. Choose a modern cut and fit

This tip is number one for a reason. This is the key to a stylish outfit but don’t mix it up with just following fashion trends. Cut and fit is something that defines an era and is classic whilst keeping your outfit looking fresh, while trends might die after a season or two.

Fashion nowadays is gravitating towards clean lines, simple silhouettes, neutral and solid colors. Those outfits might look easy but without a nice modern fit and cut they won’t look stylish.

When choosing bottom pieces whether it’s trousers, jeans, or a skirt, opt for high and mid-waisted rather than low since they will flatter most figures.

For  tops there are currently two main silhouettes; loose fit-it doesn’t have to be oversized or baggy but has some air between the fabric and your body. The second modern silhouette is a bodysuit or perfectly fitted tucked in top.

Many look to Pinterest as a source of outfit inspiration but beware of outdated outfits in your feed!  Included below are some starter looks to build your inspiration board and you can keep digging from there!

2. Upgrade your basics

How often do you reach for your old favorites when choosing an outfit? Personally, I am guilty of this on a regular basis! How about an upgraded version of your old favorites to add a new spin to your loved and familiar looks? Love wearing jeans? Go for a different color like cream, beige, or white for example. Can’t imagine feeling comfortable in anything else but sweatpants? Try a matching set with a sweatshirt or t-shirt in a different color, add some accessories and you will achieve some new, stylish and comfortable looks.

3. Find your favourite comfy trend

Having a trendy piece in the mix right away shows that you keep a finger on the fashion pulse. You can still look for pieces that are basic and simple but with some definitive trendy elements. added shoulders, wide-leg jeans, or a knitted crop top with matching cardigan are good examples of this

Another trend that continues to rise is faux leather. This season, leather overshirts or “shackets” are everywhere. This is also the perfect stylish second layer for cool fall days.

Our “new normal” shoe trend has been anything with a square toe. We’re talking sandals, ankle boots, or heels–anything with a square toe will make your outfit feel more on-trend.

4. Accessorize

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Accessories are the “spice” of your outfit. When you have simple, basic ingredients (items of clothing) you can play with your “spices” all you want! Just like food–if you don’t add any spice then your outfit might be a little on the bland side!

Play with your jewels and experiment with accessories. Layering a bunch of necklaces and chains is the number one current necklace trend. Try adding ear cuffs, or a couple extra rings or all of these together! Don’t forget the hats – bucket hats are another item we are seeing a lot of. Oftentimes when dressing simple the devil is in the details.  


 5. Dress down your best pieces

One thing that this lockdown has taught me is that we don’t know what the future holds and the best time to wear your best clothing is now! Don’t save it for a “better” occasion. Treat yourself and wear it on a regular Tuesday grocery run.

Pretty much any piece can be dressed up or down depending on the context aka pieces that you mix and match it with. For example, a silky slip dress can easily be styled with white sneakers or cowboy boots and a jean jacket for everyday wear.


Don’t be afraid to mix your “special occasion” pieces with your casual wear to get even more life out of your wardrobe.

Never discount the power of a good outfit! It won’t solve all the world’s problems but it can definitely put a smile on your face, boost your confidence and leave you in a good mood. 

photo Xenia Ernst
Style Coach & Personal Stylist +1 (647) 877 5619 | [email protected] | xeniaernst.com Toronto, Canada

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