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How to Style a Blazer for Fall

How to Style a Blazer for Fall

How to Style a Blazer for Fall

The blazer has been around for hundreds of years and started appearing in the 1800s as a warm-up uniform for prestigious college men’s rowing teams. In 1952, Cambridge’s Lady Margaret Boat Club wore this jacket in what they called “Blazing Red,” which started the official term we know today as the ‘Blazer.’ For 150 years, women have transformed the stereotypical ‘men’s’ jacket and turned it into a powerful piece! The look was embraced by women in the 20th century.

Today, blazers take the lead and are a ‘must-have’ item within our wardrobes. The style of jacket comes in a variety of fabrics, styles, colours, and silhouettes, including many contrasting patterns, buttons, and sets. With the countless ways to style a blazer, you can dress it up or dress it down, depending on the occasion. This trans-seasonal jacket allows for endless styling possibilities, including; an oversized look, cropped silhouette, pops of colour, change in patterns and more.

Here are the best ways to style blazers:

Oversized Blazers  

When wearing oversized blazers, try wearing tailored pants to give structure and form to your overall look. This style can be worn in many other ways such as, open with biker shorts and a crop top, with tailored pants, fitted skirt/dress, and/or even wearing the oversized blazer itself as a dress. Another option to style oversized blazers is to buckle up a belt over top to accentuate your waist.

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How to Style a Blazer for Fall

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Cropped Blazers 

This style of blazer adds dimension to the tailored traditional jackets that we typically see. Perfect for warmer weather in the fall season, cropped blazers can be styled with high waisted skirts or pants. These make for great matching sets that really make a look stand out! 

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How to Style a Blazer for Fall

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Pop of Colour 

Wearing a blazer doesn’t mean you need to tone down your colours. Colourful blazers come with a fun, stylish, and trendy vibe that can bring out personality. This style can be worn all year round, by changing the tone/shade of the colour, and the chosen fabric of your blazer. If you are looking to make a bold and powerful statement, try wearing a colourful blazer or a matching set.

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How to Style a Blazer for Fall

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Sophisticated Blazers 

If you are looking for a more fresh clean-cut look, try a simple tailored blazer. This jacket can be styled as a set with a matching skirt, pants or can be easily elevated by having a slight change in fabric/pattern. These are great for both casual and classy occasions depending on how you chose to create your outfit! 

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How to Style a Blazer for Fall

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A tip to dress down any blazer is to pair it with a simple shirt, jeans/sweatpants, and sneakers. This will create the ultimate relaxed yet trendy look. This is one of the most popular ways to style blazers right now and we absolutely adore it! You can play around some many casual style choices with your accessories as well to transform the whole look!

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How to Style a Blazer for Fall

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No matter what, accessories always elevate any blazer. Examples of this could be; a chunky belt, hat, statement earrings, shoes or a great pair of glasses. Pairing the right accessory can truly complete your outfit. Depending on your accessory choices, this can become a gorgeous night outfit or the perfect everyday office look! 

How to Style a Blazer for Fall

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How to Style a Blazer for Fall

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Overall, owning a blazer allows for endless styling possibilities all year round, not just the fall season. This is truly a must-have item in your closet. Blazers are magic!


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