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How to style different boots for fall and winter

How to style different boots for fall and winter

We are well into the fall season, and with a blink of an eye, winter will be here. This means the most fashionable time of the year is already upon us, especially when it comes to our favorite type of shoes to accessorize with – boots!  Without a doubt, boots are the key piece to wear right now for any fashionable or trendy look. For today’s article, we’ve rounded up a few easy ideas on how you can style the various types of boots with a variety of outfits!

Riding Boots

Starting with a strong classic, nothing quite says fall or winter like Kate Middleton’s favorite boot style: the riding boot! As they give an equestrian and gorgeous preppy look, they can be easily combined with skinny pants or jeans, a turtleneck sweater and a blazer. It’s an iconic look for any type of event or weekend festivity. To wrap up this feature riding boots look, add sunglasses, a classic bag, and a delicate necklace for your accessories.



Chelsea Boots

This type of boot is super popular and trendy right now, so you definitely can’t go wrong! In case you have some staple items in your wardrobe like a sweater vest and want to utilize it in a super cute way this fall, why not combine it with an oversized shirt and a gorgeous pair of chelsea boots? This layered look is perfect for the beginning of the fall season, especially when it’s not too cold yet. What we love about it is that it is very versatile and can be modified with a few more layers to make it a great winter look too! Plus, the boots are versatile enough to be worn almost any time of year depending on how you want to style them. 



Ankle Boots

It’s not fall until we bring our trusty and reliable ankle boots back out to play! A more casual look is the traditional ankle boots, jeans and sweater combo. You can never go wrong with something like this because it’s simple, chic, and looks so great on everyone. If you’re feeling more edgy, you can even add a hat to the outfit and match its colour with your go-to bag and boots to complete the look. This look is like an all time favorite fall tradition, as you simply can’t go wrong with this style combo!



Leather Boots

Yet another fall classic and staple to any wardrobe is the leather boot! These especially come in handy for nights out on the town in the winter as well, so this boot offers tons of versatility to your wardrobe for the next few months. When it comes to pairing these with the perfect outfit, you can’t go wrong with doing a leather pants and boots combo for this style trend. It works perfectly and super easy to achieve since leather pants are a huge fashion trend this fall and winter. A classic and chic look we recommend trying out is to combine leather leggings, a turtleneck sweater, long coat, chic bag and printed high heeled ankle boots for the ultimate fall outfit! To make it even more stylish, wear an all-black outfit underneath, and add some fall colours on the coat and the boots, as you’ll be sure to stand out!



Combat Boots 

Combat boots may not be for everyone, but fall fashion is about exploring trends and playing with styles you thought you would never gravitate towards! If you have always wanted to incorporate them into your wardrobe, today’s style inspo suggestion might just make you finally bite the bullet! Now, if you’re into the skirt, pantyhose and boots look, we have two great options for our combat boot lovers. First, try incorporating a mini skirt and sheer black pantyhose with your combat boots! This especially goes well with a turtleneck cropped sweater, big sunglasses, and chunky hoop earrings. This look is so cute and trendy, it’s definitely a must wear! For a second option, try combing a sweater dress, big blazer, pantyhose, sunglasses, a cross body bag and, of course, combat boots. Both looks are perfect for a night out in the city!


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Thigh High Boots

Finally, if you are feeling playful with your looks this fall and winter, try out a less traditional look with shorts and thigh high boots! Even though many of us probably wouldn’t think to wear our shorts again until the spring, this is the perfect opportunity to dress up your shorts while you still can. While it’s also a less traditional style combo, you will be sure to stand out in this bolder fall look! A perfect combination for your over-the-knee boots is some preppy tailored shorts and an oversized cropped turtleneck sweater. To dress up the look with some fun and playful accessories, try incorporating a silk scarf bandana on your head and pair it with some delicate hoop earrings!



When it comes to styling different boots for the fall and winter seasons, there are so many fun, trendy, and cute outfit options to play with! Whether you’re someone into more classic and timeless looks, or are wanting to spice things up with your style game, these boots offer something for everyone! Let us know which boots you’re most excited to wear this fall and winter in the comments down below! 


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