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How to Style Shoulder Bags for Spring

How to Style Shoulder Bags for Spring

Shoulder bags are trending again and we couldn’t leave you without a guide on how to style this piece for the upcoming season. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few ideas for you to get inspired on how to style shoulder bags for spring!

Basic Street Style

The good thing about shoulder bags is that they are very versatile. So if you are going for a street style outfit and want to add the shoulder bag to your look, you can simply assemble high-rise or mid-rise jeans of your choice, a cropped top, and your favourite sneakers.

Chic Classic Style

Why not get some inspiration from celebrities for your next look with a shoulder bag? Kendall Jenner assembled a very different outfit that surprisingly works with her shoulder bag of choice. A more classic blouse combined with longer shorts worked perfectly for her outfit and it will look perfect for your next lunch date with friends!


Baggy Street Style

If you’re not into tight clothes, baggy clothes can also make a great combination with a shoulder bag! An oversized T-shirt with baggy sweatpants and sneakers makes an effortless look very well put together when you add a shoulder bag to it. 


Romantic Style

Nothing says spring more than a cute dress. If you have a romantic style and it’s a hot day, the easy and beautiful look to assemble is a dress with a cute shoulder bag matching colours. As for shoes, you can either wear sneakers or sandals, depending on the occasion, but either will work perfectly!


Retro Style

90s’ fashion is still very much in! A classic skirt, simple cropped top, cardigan, and a shoulder bag assemble the perfect retro look for the day. Not only is this type of outfit trending right now but you will look like you came out of Pinterest in the cutest way possible.

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Classic Style

Last but not least, the classic style. If you want to go for a classic look, just add a blazer. Here you can add a blazer to your street style go-to look and you have a whole different flow, combined, obviously, to your shoulder bag!


Whether you like different patterns, pastel tones, basic pieces, or bright colours, you will find just the perfect combination to assemble your look to match your shoulder bag this spring! 

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