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How to style sweater vests

How to style sweater vests

Sweater vests have made quite the comeback this year, making it a major fashion staple especially with the new fall season upon us. This vintage inspired look is a classic closet item with people who love to thrift and keep up with the trends. With this style’s increased popularity, you’ve probably seen tons of your favorite celebrities and influencers trying this look out for themselves in a variety of ways that we are currently loving for fall!  

We know this style might not be the most approachable for beginners though. Whether you’re worried that this look might be too out there for you or you just aren’t sure how to style this unique and comfy piece, today’s article has got you covered. We have rounded up a few easy and trendy looks to help you style your next sweater vest outfit for the fall season!  

In order to style a sweater vest, first you need to consider whether you want to go for a cropped, regular or oversized, tight or loose look. Now that you know the available options, let’s get to the endless style combinations.


A truly versatile option is the cropped sweater vest. If you choose a tight one, it can be worn either with a shirt underneath or just the sweater vest itself. The shirt underneath can also be a cropped top or a regular size shirt, short or long sleeve, depending on the weather and the style you’re going for. 

The same applies to the loose cropped sweater vest. For this look you can make it look more classic with a shirt underneath or more casual, wearing the sweater vest by itself. 






Regular Sized 

The regular sized sweater vest is the one that fits you just right, also in the tight and loose options. Both of them can be worn in a more classic or casual style. If you’re looking for a more preppy fall look, this fit and type is definitely the way to go. Also, if you choose to take it to another level, you can tuck in the sweater vest, which works for so many different occasions. 






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Finally, the oversized sweater vest can make the outfit look both street style and classic depending on which way you want to take it. The most popular looks are either with a long sleeve shirt underneath or the sweater vest itself. Also, either one you choose can be combined with a skirt, pants or jeans, depending on your outfit of the day.






As you can see, sweater vests are super versatile with all the style options and outfit ideas! They are great for all kinds of looks, weather and body types. Even if you think that this piece wouldn’t normally fit in your closet, you will definitely feel inspired with all the potential looks this one item can create!

You can also always fit the sweater vest into your style by incorporating your favorite go-to accessories like belts, jewelry, sunglasses, hair accessories or a specific pair of shoes. Either way, there are numerous possibilities! We hope this article inspired you to take the style plunge and purchase your next sweater vest and create the perfect fall outfit.

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