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How To Take The Best OOTD Pictures

How To Take The Best OOTD Pictures

How To Take The Best OOTD Pictures

The Top Tips from Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande.

Happy hump day! It’s a new year and either winter or summer right now depending on where you live. Regardless of the weather, we humans across the globe still have at least two things in common: the pandemic and the need to wear clothes.

Note how I used the word “need” and not “desire” or “willingness.” The quarantine has taught the best of us that not only are full outfits unnecessary for most Zoom meetings, but even wearing the same [insert fave loungewear piece here] for two (three?) days in a row is completely fine. It’s all about self-care and self-preservation; putting a comfy outfit together is still an act of styling if you ask me. Shoutout to us for still getting up and putting clothes on all throughout the “annus horribilis” that 2020 turned out to be!

And whether it is just for you, your Instagram or Twitter account, or to send to your Mom like I do, I got inspired by celebrities and their holiday fits and wanted to know how to take the best #OOTD pictures. Here are the top five best tips from our favourite celebrities:

#1: Show off your assets

Negativity and self-consciousness is so 2020 (ew). Some of us observed body changes last year and that’s okay! This year is for embracing our bodies, recognizing our own beauty, and snatching our power back! If there’s one person that’s always been an advocate for body positivity, it’s my best friend (in my head) Riri, who blessed our timelines while in Barbados with her family and her boo for Christmas. Despite criticism on her weight gain, the Bajan princess is doing legs and dresses them in beautiful Amina Muaddi sandals. Whatever body part it may be, love it, be proud of it and show off your assets!


#2: Shoutout to filters

We’re not stressing about uncomfortable poses and props this year: Queen Bey knows it and shows us it’s okay to keep it chill. Try to relax; take a seat or lay down while snapping away. Don’t worry about a little blurriness or imperfection because those things can give a really cool, vintage feel to your pictures when combined on top of filters, a trend that has been slowly introduced to the high fashion and editorial world. Don’t focus on serving your face or body too much and think about my life motto: chill as if no one’s watching.


#3: Don’t be scared of the flash

Long gone are the days of running away from flashes for fear of undereye baking or concealer exposure (Does anyone remember MAC concealer pots? Do they still make them? I’m an NC45). Try taking your #ootd pictures with the flash on even and especially if you’re outside, unless in direct sunlight or during golden hour. The contrasting effect can enhance underlying and background colors while keeping you at the center of the focus. You can do it using your smartphone and it will still look like a professional photo! Kylie Jenner knows it and I don’t know what’s better: the comfy fit, tiny baby sneakers or the L.A sunset in the back.

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#4: It’s the legs for me

Did you know that putting one leg in front of the other can instantly make them appear longer and, consequently, make you look taller? Kim Kardashian and her model sis Kendall Jenner both obviously knew that already, but I didn’t and I’m 5 feet 2 inches – therefore, I’m a little mad. Similarly, snapping your photos from a low angle (using either the timer function or a good friend with strong knees) will also make you look taller. Brb, I gotta go and try to combine both techniques and hopefully, feel like a Hadid. 


#5: Mirror selfies are still cool

Are mirror selfies slowly becoming the avocado toast of the selfie/ootd fashion sphere? It always pops up here and there and never seems to fully go away or out of style, probably because it is still the best and most convenient way for self-paparazzos like myself to capture a memory of our outfits. Ariana Grande shows us that mirror selfies are still cool, while snapping pictures of her outfits and styles for her latest “Positions” music video.

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