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How to Travel With Your Beauty Products

How to Travel With Your Beauty Products

Hopping on an airplane, train, or bus to go to a different city or country has drastically changed due to the pandemic. Not only are masks a requirement, but social distancing and overall hygiene are also a main focus and concern. These circumstances make knowing what to pack even more difficult, especially when it comes to beauty products.

When traveling with beauty products, efficiency has always been important and now more than ever so is hygiene and cleanliness.According to an article from National Geographic in which they present the to dos and not to dos when traveling during the pandemic, we give you our favourite tips!  

1. Stay organized 

Making sure you pack your products and brushes in an efficient way is key. Pack your brushes separately and separate your products according to their purpose. Meaning, eye products in one section, skin care in another,lip care in another, and so on. 

2. Take only what is necessary 

When it comes to packing beauty products for travel,only bring what you know you always use as part of your everyday routine. This will ensure you are not taking up any extra space, or leaving unnecessary room for contamination.

3. Use soft and flexible material to store your products 

What your products are being carried in is important so they don’t take up too much space. By using soft bags or a leather brush set holder it has more flexibility and takes up less space. 

4. Take sanitizer and tool cleaners

Beauty products should always be used with clean hands and make sure to bring sanitizer for safety as well as hygienic purposes. Oftentimes, people overlook the importance of cleaning their beauty tools before and after use. It is important to clean your tools to avoid spreading bacteria leading to possible breakouts.

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5. Take versatile products

Another way to minimize how much you bring is to choose versatile products. Oftentimes powder bronzers and blush can also be used as eyeshadows, lip tints as blush, highlighters as eyeshadows or lip liner as eyeliner! Makeup is often multipurpose so feel free to get creative!

Although the standards of traveling are now more restrictive, it does not always mean it has to be complicated. Following these five simple tips will help you stay safe when traveling beauty products. 

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