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Influencers to Keep You Inspired & Motivated For 2022

Influencers to Keep You Inspired & Motivated For 2022

It’s the New Year and with it comes endless possibilities of starting new projects and following your dreams. If it’s a new career, a new business, or health goals, beginning from scratch can be tough, especially if you feel you have no support. That’s why we’ve rounded up six influencers to help keep you inspired and motivated for 2022, they’ve got your back!

Keiana Byfield

Keiana is a lifestyle and self-improvement Jamaican YouTuber in Canada who shares the best tips on being productive. On her channel, you will find videos for building a routine, balancing a full-time job with side hustles, resetting your mind for 2022, her work days and weeks, and much more.

Not only is she consistent with her videos, sharing her life almost in real-time, but she’s also very honest about things happening to her, the ups and downs of her work life. So if you’re looking for an influencer who is transparent, especially on productivity, Keiana is the best one to keep up with.

You can also find her on Instagram, where she posts about productivity and life on her IG stories, which is just the right amount to motivate you to go after your dreams and become the best self you can be!

Marla Acevedo

Marla is a star. Not only is she an actress, but she is also an amazing dancer who sings beautifully on her social media. On her Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube channel, she shares tips on how to get ready for auditions, she takes her followers to go filming music videos and commercials with her, and she talks about her experiences (you must watch her video of when she auditioned to be Kim Kardashian!)

She’s a very open and high-energy person, sharing everything she possibly can to help others who aim to have an acting career. Also, a few months ago she was on a podcast, in which she talked about how she decided to become an actress, the differences between acting in commercials, movies, theatre, and musicals, hiring an agent, getting auditions, the pros and cons of being an actor, how the industry works and getting comfortable in front of the cameras. 

If you need someone to push you into an acting career, Marla is just the right person to encourage and inspire you!

Natalie Barbu

Natalie Barbu started her YouTube channel in 2011 and since then, she went through a long way to get to where she is today, with over 300K subscribers and over 60K followers on Instagram

In college, she majored in Engineering and grew her following, being an inspiration for women pursuing the same path. After graduation, she started working a full-time job at a company, which lasted 9 months, until she quit to become a full-time influencer 8 years after starting on YouTube.

Afterwards, she started her podcast about entrepreneurship and a consulting business to help other creators grow on social media, treating it as a business. With her agency, she rapidly identified the absence of an all-in-one tool for content creators on the market, which led her to create Rella Social months later.

Still, with her YouTube channel, podcast, and Instagram, Natalie keeps encouraging, inspiring, and motivating her followers on entrepreneurship, showing the reality of developing an app, being the CEO of a startup, and being an influencer altogether.

Hannah Elizabeth

If you’ve been considering becoming an influencer yourself, Hannah Elizabeth is just the perfect influencer to follow on social media. In only 10 months, she developed strategies for growth and gained 26K followers on Instagram, being able to quit her 9-5 job and become a full-time influencer.

The best part is that she doesn’t gatekeep information. On her TikTok, she shares the best hashtags for Instagram posts, teaches poses for pictures and how she edits them, how to grow on Instagram, reaching out to brands, and many more tips. She’s just the perfect influencer to teach you how to become an influencer!

Sydney Joann

If you’re looking for inspiration to be your true self, you must keep up with Sydney. She started her Instagram account in early 2021 about being a mid/plus size influencer on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle in New York. 

On her TikTok and reels, she shares tips on recreating Pinterest looks on sizes 14/16/18, teaches hairstyles, poses for Instagram pictures, and shares her everyday looks always with a smile on her face. She speaks for representativeness, confidence and is inspiring just for being who she is!

Kayla Pomponio

If one of your goals is to be healthier in 2022, Kayla is the one influencer you should keep up with. She’s an international holistic health coach and hormone specialist, who aims to inspire her followers to live well and become their best selves.

After just a look at her Instagram, you’ll immediately want to get into a healthier lifestyle. With very aesthetically pleasing pictures of naturally healthy and delicious food, she motivates her followers to adopt a balanced life. Also, in her stories, she shares her routine, workouts, mini vlogs, and health tips.

Kayla is the perfect person to follow if you want a healthy lifestyle and are motivated by the aesthetic of living a healthy and balanced life. 

We hope these amazing powerful influencers can inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals and chase after your dreams in 2022, aiming to live your best life by being your true self!

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