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Introducing So’Glo Cosmetics

Introducing So’Glo Cosmetics


Soyeene Lynch has had a natural love for cosmetics from a very early age. She reminisces about going to the store with her mom as a child and visiting the aisle with the chapped sticks, lip smackers and shiny glosses. 

It was during her second year of high school that everything changed when a guest makeup artist visited her cosmetology class to demonstrate proper makeup application and different types of makeup in the market. This is where Soyeene purchased her first makeup kit complete with eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundation brushes and more.

As a woman who has always been in the arts, cosmetics became her artistic tool. Through much experimenting, she taught herself how to apply makeup and created mini-tutorials applying makeup on friends and family and it eventually became a business.


Soyeene points to the love of a “Natural Glow” as the difference between the So’Glo cosmetics line and other makeup brands.

“Wearing makeup but not being able to really tell that you are wearing makeup and being confident in the application of it,”

As a fashion influencer, Soyeene doesn’t see a lot of makeup brands that focus on the effects that makeup has on the skin over time while capturing the essence of natural beauty which is a major focus for So’Glo.

So’Glo features paraben-free formulas using vitamin E, Avocado Oil which provides comfort and nutrition, smoothes, locks in moisture and evens the appearance of skin tones.

Because makeup application is one of the first things that people notice in photos, Soyeene wanted to ensure that So’Glo showed smooth textures and popping colours and an overall look that embodied confidence.


Soyeene believes that the mainstream cosmetics industry needs to take the time to really connect with their customers, become more active in the beauty industry and to learn what people love and how to produce cosmetics around their consumers’ needs. 

Other differences between So’Glo and some of their popular competitors include: making makeup affordable, producing products that can be easily applied and a lack of education for beginners in terms of proper usage of the products. Soyeene adds that the mainstream cosmetics industry tends to have fewer options when it comes to particular shades for different cultures or skin types. 


Studies show that almost 40 percent of women in north America wear makeup but not all are familiar with how to wear makeup: whether it’s applying the correct foundation or concealer mixture to create dimensions to a makeup look, or something as simple as how to apply lipstick without using a liner, or even correcting methods for dark circles and pigments. 

So’Glo Cosmetics provides influencers and one-on-one consults with fashion and makeup tips to demonstrate proper application of their products with an aim to bridge the gap in communication and ensure customers are happy with their purchases.


If building a company from the ground up is not challenging enough, Soyeene adds gaining support, building a team and finding the right people to represent the brand as stumbling blocks and time consumers. 

“Finding a balance with personal life and business also becomes very difficult at times,” Soyeene comments. “However, in the creation of So’Glo Cosmetics, because of the love of makeup, cosmetics and fashion, it becomes easier to grow and showcase and build as the days go by. It’s right when they say, “Do what you love!” because only then work naturally becomes generic.”


The Glo’ Girl program is designed to give people an opportunity to showcase So’Glo products and their creativity through fashion, beauty and makeup applications. Anyone who wants to be a Glo’ Girl can apply by sending an email to [email protected] for features and Promotional Packages.

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So’Glo Beauty Boxes include three (3) products from liquid lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes.

The range of So’Glo products includes foundations, eyeshadow palettes and single colour shades, concealers, lipsticks, lip gloss toppers, lip conditioners, BB creams, blushes, gel eyeliners, body illuminators, multi-purpose mineral dust powders and Soyeene says there is more to come.

Some of their top-selling products are the Liquid Lipsticks, Illuminators, Foundations, Concealers and Lip Conditioners! Each item performs its unique functions to create smooth and hydrating looks which creates the Glo’ effect.

Soyeene’s motto is that you can’t go wrong with lip care and suggests that every woman should at least carry Lip Conditioners, Lipsticks and liquid lipsticks as their top three makeup must-haves. This combo gives a perfect finish for any occasion


So’Glo has been featured on CityTv’s Marc and Mandy Show to showcase their cosmetic line in Toronto and across Canada. Their biggest milestone, however, is building a community that believes in their vision and goals and loves their products! 

“I would say that this is one of the biggest accomplishments by far being an up and coming cosmetics shop! We look forward to growing and becoming more active in the community and opening opportunities for more people. We also look forward to watching new and old customers create beautiful images, building confidence and overall enjoying the So’Glo Experiences!”

So’Glo is currently working on expanding and engaging in some upcoming projects in 2020 so keep an eye out for more So’Glo coming soon.

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