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Introducing the Hydra Bounce Skincare Collection by DONGINBI

Introducing the Hydra Bounce Skincare Collection by DONGINBI

Korean beauty brands are known for their amazing, high-quality skincare products, and DONGINBI does not disappoint!

This international beauty brand is acclaimed by beauty experts and insiders worldwide for its effective skincare collections, all of which are formulated with their signature red ginseng blends. This month, skincare sensation DONGINBI has launched its most refreshing line of products yet with the brand new Hydra Bounce Collection that we can’t wait to tell you more about!

About The Hydra Bounce Collection

The Hydra Bounce line features four unique products, all of which are formulated with an optimum ratio blend of red ginseng extract and hyaluronic acid. Red ginseng, a Korean herbal remedy harvested only after the plant is six years old, is widely known for its powerful healing properties and ability to treat various skin conditions with phenomenal results. Plus, all Hydra Bounce products contain Motherwort and Ginkgo Leaf extracts to promote calm, smooth and glowing skin. This collection provides a range of products packed with healthy, natural ingredients to give your skincare routine the ultimate glow up!

Red Ginseng Hydra Bounce Cream Fresh

The first feature product in the line is the Red Ginseng Hydra Bounce Cream Fresh. This moisturizer is available in 25ml and 60ml sizes, perfect if you’re looking for a travel-size option or a tester before committing to the full-size product. The cream lavishes the skin with red ginseng and hyaluronic acid to effectively sustain moisture and elasticity for 24 hours. Something incredible about this moisturizer is that it’s formulated with cold Ginseno drops, which are extracted at -5 degrees to make the skin firmer! Other noteworthy ingredients that we love in this product are the Motherwort and Ginkgo biloba extract, which help calm and soothe the skin while providing the ultimate glow. Together these ingredients create a high-performing face cream that leaves the skin completely moisturized and clear.

Red Ginseng Hydra Bounce Emulsion 

The second product in this renowned skincare collection is the Red Ginseng Hydra Bounce Emulsion. When it comes to emulsions, these are definitely not super common with western skincare brands unless you’re reaching for a more high end product. This emulsion is a fresh water gel face lotion with cooling properties to freshen and hydrate the skin. The gel formula is amazingly thin, leaving the skin feeling soft and calm all day long.

I was fortunate enough to test out this product for myself and I am really impressed with the results! This water gel face lotion emulsion left my skin feeling extremely hydrated, cool and beyond smooth. It has a fresh, clean scent, resulting in a beautiful glow. I’m someone with fairly sensitive skin who has struggled more with acne over the past year, so I am always hesitant to introduce new products into my skincare routine but I’m super grateful I got the chance to try it out. It’s definitely suitable for all skin types and worth a try if you’re on the lookout for a more affordable emulsion skin care product!

Red Ginseng Hydra Bounce Softener

Another amazing product in this phenomenal collection is the Red Ginseng Hydra Bounce Softener. While softeners might not be super common in our typical western beauty practices, this essentially acts as a hydrating toner! The formula is water-based and is incredibly gentle on the skin to create beautifully hydrating qualities that aren’t usually seen in your regular toners that work to clean, strip and reduce unwanted impurities. This softener is meant to leave skin feeling fresh and glowing all day long.

I was also lucky enough to test out this product for myself and it does not disappoint! This softener left my skin feeling incredibly hydrated and silky smooth. It has a subtle clean scent and made my face feel super refreshed. As mentioned above, I’m someone who’s always had sensitive skin and experienced my fair share of acne breakouts over the past year. Since I had never really heard of a softener product, I was definitely hesitant to introduce it into my skincare routine but I’m so glad I did. This softener is suitable for all skin types and worth a try if you’re on the lookout for a more hydrating toner!

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Red Ginseng Hydra Glow Ampoule 

Finally, the last product in this collection is the unique Red Ginseng Hydro Glow Ampoule. This comes in a package set of individual-use 8ml ampoules for a 7-day firming, hydrating, and anti-wrinkle treatment! The product is famous for its densely moisturizing formula, which features a special blend of red ginseng extract, hyaluronic acid and red ginseng collagen. In just one week, these key ingredients work together to transform rough skin into a smoother, softer, and firmer complexion, all while reducing the visibility of fine lines. This treatment has all the benefits that your skin will be sure to love!

You can purchase the entire collection in both full-size and travel-size bundles, both of which are available on the DONGINBI – Amazon Store now! If you’re looking to test out a certain individual product in this line, check out their official online store here.

If this collection isn’t for you, they have tons of other best-seller products and lines available for purchase, like the Donginbi Best Trial Kit. Plus, in honour of their first anniversary on Amazon, DONGINBI is currently having a store wide sale of 20-40% from September 2nd to 11th, 2021 on all products besides the new Hydra Bounce Collection. All the products are being offered at an introductory 10% regular retail prices using code DIBHYDRA. In addition, shoppers will get a 25ml Hydra Bounce Cream FREE gift with every full-price purchase of the Hydra Bounce Skincare Set by using code DONGINBIHBD on the Amazon store!

Be sure to check out the new Hydra Bounce Collection and all the other amazing products by DONGINBI before this amazing anniversary sale is over. Your skin will be so glad you did!

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