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Lights Lacquer’s New Classic Nudes

Lights Lacquer’s New Classic Nudes

Miami based mega-beauty influencer KathleenLights and Lights Lacquer has just announced its newest nail polish collection Y.N.B.B. (Your Nails But Better). The colours are inspired by Kathleen’s favourite classic nudes, the colours range from light, medium, and dark tones. 

Lights Lacquer a cruelty-free, vegan company got content creators from around the globe, to help them virtually launch their campaign while continuing to social distance. “Each content creator was asked to design a single style for each colour.”  

The Shades of the Y.N.B.B. Collection.

Here are the shades of each polish in the Y.N.B.B. collection: 

·      Mila, The Dreamer: Ivory with slight pink undertones. (Light Tone) 

·      Matilda, The Free Spirit: Soft beige with yellow undertones. (Light Tone)

·      Lyla, The Rodeo Gal: Natural tan with a hint of pink undertones. (Medium Tone)

·      Emma, The Adventurer: Warm tan with orange undertones. (Medium Tone)

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·      Alyanna, The Boujee Babe: A deep cool-toned chocolate brown. (Dark Tone)

·      Olivia, The Coffee Lover: A rich espresso brown with a hint of red undertones. (Dark Tone) 

The collection becomes available for purchase as of May 7th, 2020, and is sold online at Nail enthusiasts can purchase the entire collection for $52.00, individual bottles are sold at $9.50 per bottle. 

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