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Live Life by Faith, not Fear

Live Life by Faith, not Fear

Life is just so funny. Sometimes you think you have everything in control and then all of a sudden God shows you that you really don’t.

Hey I’m Kathy. I’m a college dropout, a new YouTuber on the verge of breakthrough, a social media coordinator, part time worker at Dice in Yorkville and my personal favourite, child of God (wow try to say that 5 times).

Dropping out of college was the scariest thing I ever did, but it brought with it a tumbling effect of so much change into my life. The opportunity to write this article is one of them. 

When I was first brought the opportunity to write this article, my intentions were to talk strictly about business and my lifestyle surrounding it. I had the hope of shining some light on the hype around being your own boss. However, sometimes God shows you another way of moving forward and my initial plan for this article was NOT IT.

So here I am, writing this article to show you how having faith is the most important thing in life because you never know where life will lead you. To be honest, who wants to know every step of where they are going, anyway? 

In May 2020, I was living confused, wrong directioned and unrighteous. I fell so deep into a hole of not knowing where to turn. Thankfully I was saved from that life by turning to the one who knows me most, our Creator. Throughout the last couple of months, I’ve been graced with so much transformation in my heart, and in so many ways that this article could go on for 10 years if I were to describe it all. 

One day I was hustling in my online business as a Kangen Water Distributor, and the next I was hit with an immense confirmation in my spirit that this business was not the one for me. I was being led in another direction and I couldn’t keep pursuing that business without the feeling of confusion and anxiety crashing over me. So after months of pushing this intense feeling aside, I finally surrendered to God’s plan and put my business on halt in September 2020, and embarked on the path he was calling me towards. 

I decided to go all-in on my YouTube channel. I’m so passionate about sharing my love of God and showing others that they are loved, held and comforted. Even though at times most of us feel like we are completely lost; we can discover that if we seek the will of God with everything we have, we are not. This is exactly why I started my YouTube channel, Journey With Kathy, to bring that knowledge into this world and bring light to the darkness.

The next thing I knew, an opportunity was presented to me from a former boss who had referred me to her friend. It was to be a social media coordinator for her online business. God’s favour is good I must say. None of this would have happened if I chose to resist the path He wanted me on, and kept going in the direction I thought would make me successful. Amazing surprises can come about when you open your mind to other possibilities.

There is tremendous faith that goes into letting go and letting God (yes, I’m hitting you with the cliche). But surrendering and letting go truly brings you to a place of joy, peace and freedom. 

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I had no idea where dropping out of school, stopping my business, and pursuing a different calling would take me. I had no idea where my life was going to go. However I also knew I didn’t have to worry because I was being held and guided the whole way through. 

So don’t give up if you want to live a different life. Keep pushing, and follow the calling and direction that is in front of you. There is purpose in every single day if you let there be. Success is not defined by your job, it is in the way you choose to live your life. Never stop the hustle.

From one mess of a girl to another,


Find me online for more encouragement, questions, or to learn more, on Instagram and YouTube: Journey With Kathy.

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