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Lizzo and Other Instrument-Playing Celebs

Lizzo and Other Instrument-Playing Celebs


How could you not love Lizzo? She’s an amazing, body-positive and award-winning musician. She’s also my personal hero and though I’m not American, she’s my top pick for the 2024 presidential campaign (and Cardi B for VP).

Anyway, I’m off track. Have you ever heard Lizzo play the flute? If not, please enjoy the following clip of one of her many God-given talents – actually two of them; she also twerks. Guys, she twerks while playing the flute! If you have seen this video, watch it again – you know it’s good!

In honour of my flute-playing idol, I’ve put together a small list of some of my favorite celebrities who play surprising instruments – basically not a piano or guitar.  I’m not discrediting the amount of talent it takes to play any instrument, but it’s way more interesting to discover celebs who play unusual ones. It makes me wonder why they picked up that specific instrument and how they got started. I don’t have all the details, but hopefully you’ll be surprised by a few of these musical celebs.

I don’t know why, but this list includes celebs on the older side – maybe the influencer generation hasn’t gotten around to picking up a musical hobby, yet. Or maybe, they’re saving their hidden talent for a special post. 

Regardless, here are some super-talented musical celebrities:

Emily Blunt – cello

The cello is huge and I can only imagine how heavy it must be, but Emily is a pro. In fact, she even featured her talent in one of her earlier movies. In 2011’s My Summer of Love, Emily Blunt’s character plays the cello, but it’s actually her playing and she didn’t have to learn it for the role.

Steve Martin – banjo

Did you know Steve Martin is 75 years old? Sorry, I know this is supposed to be about cool instruments, but I’m shocked. Anyway, aside from a hilarious acting career, the comedian also plays the banjo; he’s actually really amazing and it’s so soothing. But that’s not all; in 2010, Steve won a Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album. I think it’s safe to say, there’s a lot we don’t know about the icon!

Ryan Gosling – pretty much everything

The superstar learned to play jazz music on the piano for his role in La La Land. I know – that’s pretty basic and I said I wasn’t going to mention celebs playing piano or guitar. But here’s the interesting part: Ryan plays several basic instruments. Of course he does – it’s Ryan Gosling, did we really expect anything less? I wouldn’t even be surprised if he could play all of them at once. If you haven’t heard of the band Dead Man’s Bones, you’re not a Ryan superfan. In this (kind of creepy) band, with his friend Zach Shields, Ryan plays the keyboard, guitar and bass guitar; he also contributes his vocals!

Jennifer Garner – saxophone

Okay, so she may not be a pro, but Jennifer Garner is still surprisingly good at playing the saxophone. How have we never come across this talent before? There’s got to be a movie she could have incorporated this into – possibly a hidden talent of her character in 13 Going on 30.

Bruce Willis – harmonica

I don’t know about you, but I was not the slightest bit aware that Bruce Willis plays the harmonica. He doesn’t just play; apparently it’s a pretty big deal and a somewhat well-known fact. He has his own original music and even has an alter ego/stage name: Bruno. Check him out below!
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