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L’Oréal Canada and Garnier Manufacture Sanitization Products to Support Frontline Workers

L’Oréal Canada and Garnier Manufacture Sanitization Products to Support Frontline Workers

L’Oreal’s Solidarity Program launched on March 25th, promised to support frontline workers and partner with non-profit organizations that are committed to combating insecurity with domestic violence. The brand has since kept up their promise and has shifted production in their Canadian facilities to include the manufacturing of hand sanitizing gel.

There are about 160,000 bottles of sanitizing gel that have already been given to healthcare workers in Canada along with over $200,000 in cash donations and products that have been offered to hospitals.

Alongside L’Oréal, Garnier and their team have partnered with the Worldwide Coronavirus Solidarity Plan. Garnier will join L’Oreal as they produce units of hand sanitizing gel at their certified carbon-free production site. The company is committed to reducing its carbon, and environmental footprint. This means that each bottle of sanitizing gel is made with 50% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

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Garnier Canada’s General Manager, Ali Fakih explained, “During these uncertain times, it’s important for Garnier Canada to remain true to its core value,” Fakih continues, “In producing it locally at our Canadian carbon-free plants, we are launching a formula that is effective yet respectful to the environment. We believe this to be the beginning of a significant partnership with frontline workers who are helping to protect us.”

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The sanitizing gel units will be donated to Canadian frontline healthcare professionals who work tirelessly to ensure our safety. In addition to this donation, Garnier Canada will be supporting their community by making their hand sanitizing gel available for purchase in drugstores and mass retailers. The retail price will be $3.49 for a 100ml bottle. The gels are made of 65% alcohol and have been tested under dermatological control. As a bonus, they are fragrance-free and contain glycerin to help soothe the drying effect of alcohol. 

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