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Loving Yourself From the Outside In: The World of Plastic Surgery

Loving Yourself From the Outside In: The World of Plastic Surgery

When people have work done on their faces or bodies, they are very quickly called fake or unnatural. People will always have their opinions on these procedures, but at the end of the day, there is no controlling what someone does with their bodies. It is their choice to change or not change whatever they want because it is the only body that they have. 


Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough is one of the pioneers of interdisciplinary arts and science of human rejuvenation. He has over three decades worth of knowledge and experience in human enhancement and is one of the world’s leading experts in nasal and facial plastic surgery. While he has devoted his career to creating procedures and programs to ensure that people love the way that they look, he believes that this will also carry out in every other aspect of their lives. 

It is very easy to have pre-determined stereotypes of plastic surgery. You may think of the countless people who have changed their appearances to look like celebrities or even Barbie. But it is all of the other people, who go unnoticed that make changes to their faces and bodies for the sole purpose of them wanting to do so and going ahead with it because it is something they feel so passionate about. Aside from the judgement that comes with changing the way you look, it is the fact that it is also reconstructive in nature. It can help with correcting body defects from trauma and even extends to treating burns. A huge part about why people get plastic surgery in the first place is because they believe that changing the small or big things that make them feel insecure, will help them feel better. They want to feel as confident on the outside as they do on the inside. 

Dr. McCollough’s newly released book called “The Gift You Give Yourself” is the perfect guide to helping people understand the world of beauty. His holistic approach allows for people to find their path to confidence and improved health. Through his various successful procedures, his goal was always to make everyone feel that they are beautiful and healthy inside and out. The book gives an insight into the popular procedures, skincare regimes, guidelines, and giving them ways to create their own personalized goals. 

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Body transformations are a step in achieving one’s beauty and health goals. It can mean letting go of something that makes them feel different. Although plastic surgery may not be for everyone, it does have a great impact on the people that do go through with it. It gives them the courage to be comfortable and take on the world the way they were meant to. It allows them to feel confident and beautiful, not just on the inside, but on the outside too.

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