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Makeup company launches reusable eyeshadow guard

Makeup company launches reusable eyeshadow guard

Plus five other reusable beauty products

It’s happened, yet again.

You’ve set the foundation (pun fully intended) to begin the artistic process that is none other than doing your makeup. You’re ready to move on to the next steps – the details, if you will.

One of the greatest details will be the eyeshadow, but depending on the colour and the intensity of the night (or day), there’s a hazard of spilling eyeshadow on to your foundation and risking the chances of having to wipe some of it off. Huge waste of time.

We have the answer to your problems: Enter the ShadowMoon’s Reusable Shadow Shield – the key word being reusable.

Disposable eyeshadow guards have been around for a little while, you can even take a look at this cool dollar store hack from YouTuber That’s Just Karin.

But why should we waste money on more disposable products?

We shouldn’t.

ShadowMoon has invented a reusable shield that will easily protect your face from any amount of eyeshadow colour – in other words, they’ve created the ultimate makeup hack.

Take a look

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The moon shape of the guard can even act as a stencil to outline a great cat eye or rounded shape for your preferred look.

This is all great – but it begs the thought; what other reusable makeup hacks are out there?

We’ve put together a list of five additional reusable, environmentally-friendly beauty hacks for your daily routine.

  1. Beauty Blender – Yes, the most obvious choice for this list would be a beauty blender because you can wash it and reuse it over and over.
  2. The Original MakeUp Eraser – We don’t need disposable makeup wipes that get dumped after each and every single use, despite the intensity of the look of the night. This reusable cloth can be used and reused, tossed in the wash and plus, it’s also great for sensitive skin.
  3. Dry Brush-Cleaning Sponge – Fenty has created a cleaning sponge that helps you reuse all your makeup brushes over and over without having to rinse and repeat to get layered colours for one look. It’s a huge time saver if you’re changing colours to create one epic look!
  4. LastSwab – You could buy swabs by the hundreds, like many shoppers do, or you could buy one – the last one! For every winged liner that you may have messed up in the slightest way, the swab will be able to help, time and time again.
  5. Skin Perfecting Silicone Mask – Instead of buying face masks in bulk, buy one that comes with a serum. Nurse Jamie’s reusable face mask is combined with a serum that is applied to the face first, then the mask stretches over the skin in the second step. It’s so simple!

Do you have any beauty hacks or reusable products that are environmentally-friendly? We’d love to hear them all!  Leave a comment or chat with us on Twitter or Instagram!

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