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Marie Kondo-ing Your Home During a Time of Solitude

Marie Kondo-ing Your Home During a Time of Solitude

“The best way to find out what we need is to get rid of what we don’t,” (Marie Kondo). 

If you are unfamiliar with the name, Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant, TV-show host, author of her New York Times best-selling book, and the star of the Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” “My mission is to spark joy in the world of cleaning,” she says. 

Tidying up your home can give you a sense of peace, especially during these stressful times (ahem, looking at you Covid-19). Studies show that clutter in your space may lead to higher levels of depression, fatigue, and stress. Looking at a mess rather than a neat area also disrupts your focus and impacts productivity levels. As many of us are currently working from home, clean is key. 

Marie Kondo gives spring cleaning a whole new meaning, and there is no better time than during this pandemic to declutter your home. Her method of organizing may be unconventional because it encourages cleaning by category rather than by location and focuses on being purposeful while you do it. 

Joy is at the heart of her organization method. To quote the expert’s famous line: “Hold each item and choose each item that sparks joy for you.” If it doesn’t, let it go. 

Here are six tips to effectively reorganize your home using the KonMari Method: 

#1: Commit. Go into this process with the mindset that you are going to tidy up not just temporarily but for the long-term. You deserve to feel at peace all the time, not only for a short while. 

#2: Imagine your ideal lifestyle. Give yourself a purpose when it comes to the organizing process, and think about how you want to feel, what you want to do, and with whom you want to share the space with after tidying up for good. Envision your best life. 

#3: Categorize. Go through each area of your home and first categorize them before discarding any items and organizing. This helps you see how many items of each category you actually have and clarifies what you really need.

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#4: Order. Sticking to a particular order when tidying up is key for Marie Kondo. Starting with the easiest category of items gives you confidence in your decision-making and prioritizing skills. First is clothes, then books, papers, miscellaneous items, then finally sentimental items. 

#5: Discard before reorganizing your items that “no longer spark joy for you.” Moreover, do so with gratitude. Marie Kondo says to thank your items for their service, particularly if they were used extensively, but also if they only served to teach you what you no longer value or need in life. She says, “thinking deeply about each item you discard will affect how you live and acquire new things moving forward.”

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#6: “Give everything a home.” This means designating a purposeful place for each item, storing similar items close together, and using simple storage solutions (such as stacking shelves or reusing old boxes).   

Just like Marie Kondo, I too am inspired by organization and ways of tidying up, and I hope these tips gave you a bit of inspiration too. 

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