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Mood: Copper Tones

Mood: Copper Tones

Welcome to your November Colour Story

Effectively a dressed-up shade of brown, copper also embodies a warm, homely energy. A hint of red lends it a more impassioned and lively energy, which is then further enhanced in its metallic form. Rose-toned coppers are more feminine and playful, while orange-infused coppers are energetic and exuberant.

An overwhelmingly warm shade, copper has a comforting feel that makes it more approachable and down-to-earth than other metal shades, such as gold and silver. Because of its association with money, copper can be indicative of wealth. But, the fact that it is a feature of low-value currency makes it feel more comforting than luxurious. Popular in rustic interior design, copper often features on traditional cookware and basins, lending it a soothing domesticity.

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