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Mousse Blanche – Your one-stop shop for all your selfcare needs!

Mousse Blanche – Your one-stop shop for all your selfcare needs!

Mousse Blanche

Self-care rituals minus the guilt of your carbon footprint

The switch to natural and sustainable skincare products has been on the rise lately. However, it can become difficult to find a place that offers such products. Well, look no further because Mousse Blanche has got you covered.

Mousse Blanche, a small business based in Toronto, is a proudly female-owned beauty boutique. They are your go-to source for sustainable self-care brands and makers from both Canada and around the world. Their mission is to provide you with a curated collection of well-crafted skincare products that will fit perfectly with your current skincare routine. Every brand they carry is eco-friendly and the products are 100% natural and handmade.



Mousse Blanche currently carry four amazing brands:


YOGH is a Bulgarian brand for natural personal care. Their mission is to revolutionize consumer habits with natural, minimalist cosmetics that eliminate the need for many products diluted with water and packaged in plastic.

YOGH helps people enjoy naturally healthy, radiant skin, limiting their exposure to synthetic chemicals in their personal care and their imprint on the environment, without compromising efficacy and sensorial pleasure.

YOGH’s collections include water and plastic-free soap bars, solid shampoos, conditioners (which are yogurt-based), and vegan moisturizers.

Minimalism is YOGH’s credo. They reduce personal care products and their ingredients to just the essentials. YOGH doesn’t believe in the efficiency of long, complicated, wasteful regimes that fill your bathrooms with bottles.

Mousse Blanche

2. Laska by Nature: Slow rituals for connoisseurs.

Laska by Nature® handcrafts the iconic Bulgarian soap using their land’s emblematic natural ingredients in a pristine setting. They create 100% pure, truly natural cosmetics with Bulgaria’s exquisite natural treasures, that are effective, multi-tasking, and with an authentic provenance.

The luxurious bars contain glycerin for pronounced skin hydration enhanced by the good fats found in milk and yogurt.

The soap is stirred by hand and naturally cured for 4 weeks. It is then cut, stamped, and wrapped by hand.




[Si’-TEE], which means my grandma in Arabic, is a social enterprise that aims to empower and restore hope to refugee women through the making of olive oil soap and other timeless products.

SITTI is committed to the self-reliance of refugee and displaced communities through long-term employment opportunities and skill development training, empowered by an inclusive global economy.

SITTI maintains its commitment to providing fair wage employment to its growing staff of 13 women and men, as well as providing financial and in-kind support to several beneficiary programs that contribute to the brand’s social mission.


Mousse Blanche

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4. The Cedar Nook

Natural skincare products are made with folk-infused, hand-forged plant offerings from the Canadian forest.

The Cedar Nook was created out of the need to feel more connected with our plant allies, and the deep desire to know every ingredient that we put onto our skin is as clean and from the earth as can be! This natural skincare brand is taking its products to a unique level and is unlike anything else on the market with its focused infusion of botanicals and plant matter forged directly from forest and nature-focused adventures!


Mousse Blanche


Elevate your self-care routine by opting for greener and spa-quality products. Who wouldn’t want to use skincare products that are not only good for the skin but good for the environment as well? Be sure to check out Mousse Blanche’s Instagram to stay up to date with any upcoming brands or products. You can even find them on Pinterest!




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