Nature’s Sunshine 2 Must-Have Summer Products!

Nature’s Sunshine

I know many of you must have already seen that green Chlorophyll drink that everyone is raving about on social media. But what exactly is Chlorophyll and what are the benefits? Well, we’re here to give you answers to all your questions. 

Nature’s Sunshine Liquid/Capsule Chlorophyll

The Nature’s Sunshine Liquid/Capsule Chlorophyll is a great way to benefit your overall health routine. Chlorophyll is a green matter in plants and is found in nature. It is often referred to as “Liquid Sunshine” because it absorbs energy from the sun from the process known as photosynthesis.

Scientists have developed a way to extract chlorophyll from plants and turn it into a water-soluble derivative known as chlorophyllin. Chlorophyll is to plants what blood is to humans as it performs metabolic functions such as respiration and growth. 

Most chlorophyll we ingest on a daily basis comes from leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and broccoli. A cool fact is that chlorophyll actually gives green vegetables their green colour. But let’s face it we don’t always eat our greens, so liquid chlorophyll is how you can easily make up for those missed greens! 

Some of the key benefits of liquid chlorophyll are:

  1. Stimulates the immune system
  2. Eliminates fungus in the body 
  3. Detoxifies your blood and improves the quality of red blood cells 
  4. Gets rid of bad odours as it acts as a natural deodorant
  5. Energizes the body


Recommended use: For adults mix two teaspoons in a cup of water (250mL).


Although there are many benefits to liquid chlorophyll it’s always important to consult with your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Nature’s Sunshine

BioGuard Hand & Body Cream


Nature’s Sunshine’s newest product, BioGuard Hand & Body Cream, is a summer must-have! It is absolutely crucial we take care of our skin as it is our body’s first line of defence. The BioGuard Hand & Body Cream contains key ingredients that each play a vital role in supporting healthy and vibrant skin. The first key ingredients are colloidal silver and vitamin E, which work to protect the outer layers of the skin and keep it hydrated. Coconut oil is another ingredient that improves the skin’s moisture while also supporting skin nourishment. The last ingredient is hyaluronic acid which helps to increase the process by which the outside skin is replaced once it’s damaged and lost. This helps to reduce wrinkles and gives skin a youthful glow. When these amazing ingredients are combined it works to moisturize, protect and restore without the use of harmful chemicals. In addition to providing protective and nourishing support, it also supports the healthy appearance of aging skin!

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The BioGuard Hand & Body Cream is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petroleum, synthetic colours and fragrance. Which makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin! 

Recommended use: for adults apply generously to hands and body daily. 

I have dry and sensitive skin, so this cream worked perfectly for me! I saw instant results and my skin feels so smooth and hydrated. It’s a thick cream consistency but as soon as you rub it onto your skin it becomes a very light texture that absorbs instantly. I put it all over my body daily, and it gives me the best natural glow! 

Be sure to check out these two amazing products to make the most of your summer skin and health routine. 

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