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New York Hosts The Mind Body Soul Well-being Exchange & Summit

New York Hosts The Mind Body Soul Well-being Exchange & Summit

CAAFD BOD &  iConcept Media Group producers and curators of fashion and lifestyle brands, today announces their most anticipated upcoming yet exclusive trade and summit of highly screened and selected growing and emerging brands  with a prime focus on health conscious and wellness products and services slated to take place on Thursday, August 29th, 2019 at the 4W43 midtown venue in New York City.

M/B/S/WELL-BEING Exchange & Summit focuses on health essentials. Curating the best and top rated growing brands. An exclusive boutique close-knit trade event that connects a coterie of conscious people on the WELL-BEING of the MIND, BODY & SOUL. M/B/S/WB’s event creates a unique opportunity and strategic partnerships that elevate wellbeing products and services between the conscientious consumers, distribution outlets, influencers, financiers, retailers, and investors. With the close-knit of exclusive curated brands that fit within the theme of MIND, BODY, SOUL/SPIRIT.

“We are not just about building brands, the world is awakening and more conscious of its well-being than ever before, and we are happy to be doing our part in promoting the cause.”  Commented Redeemer Resk ‘Que, Brand Strategist & Executive Director.

You can rest-assured you will discover innovative brands, industry resources, products, and services, striving to support the well-being of humanity and not just focused on making money in the greedy world we live in today. From food, fashion, fitness, books, beauty products, spiritual enlightenment, drinks and beverages that nourish the human senses.” He concludes.

M/B/S/WELL-BEING Exchange & Summit entails educational sessions, workshops led by some of the leading and emerging industry experts. Coupled with networking,  cocktail events and award showcase recognizing some of the most innovative brands and personalities in the industry.

Welcoming hundreds of industry professionals, brands and thousands of keen health-conscious brand consumers, influencers and the media. Participation & exhibitor considerations in all aspect of programming are being finalized by the review committee.

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Few brands under two years old may qualify for partial sponsorship consideration with other merits from supporting partners via CAAFD  I’MPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE program. All interested brands and industry professionals are welcome to inquire for more information.

Registrations for access to the event and tickets are currently open and available to the public by visiting www.MBSWellbeing.org

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