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Nivea’s #SharetheCare Campaign to Combat Covid-19

Nivea’s #SharetheCare Campaign to Combat Covid-19

“Care has the power to bring hope when the world seems lost” (NiveaUSA)

Beiersdorf Canada (makers of Nivea) recently launched a campaign as part of their global “Care Beyond Skin” program which, since March 2020, raised over 50 million euros and donated one million litres of disinfectant to help stop the spread of Covid-19. 

“With #ShareTheCare, we are calling on Canadians to share their willingness to help others and inspire more and more people to do the same,” says Beiersdorf Canada General Manager Guillaume de Vitton. 

Working directly with Health Canada to determine what facilities were in greatest need, donations included $750,000 to Food Banks Canada, Save the Children and the Canadian Red Cross to aid in Covid-19 crisis management, a donation of 78,000 units of hand sanitizer to healthcare facilities across Canada, and a donation of over 150,000 units of Nivea and Eucerin hand-care products to medical personnel. 

Donations will benefit several hospitals including Toronto’s University Health Network, British Columbia’s Lion’s Gate Hospital, and Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital. There will even be a special contactless drop off by Canada’s World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, and Nivea Canada’s Brand Ambassador, Tessa Virtue

See how little acts of care go a long way with Nivea’s heartwarming video here:

How are you giving or receiving care during this difficult time? Join the conversation with #ShareTheCare across all social media platforms today. 

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