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#OOTD: The Tie-Dye Edit

#OOTD: The Tie-Dye Edit

Fashion is a cycle, and it’s proven that reality time and time again. From mom jeans to scrunchies, to choker necklaces, to slip dresses, it somehow feels that we’re all digging in our mother’s closets at one time or another to find the “it” style–this seems to be no different with this year’s latest trend, tie-dye.

“ A new neutral that is actually not so neutral”

 – Lucy Collins Payne, assistant professor of philosophy at the Fashion Institute of Technology

With at-home DIY projects on the rise (ahem, COVID-19) it seems that tie-dye print is having a MOMENT. Specifically, tie-dye loungewear that is comfy enough to wear to sleep, and cute enough to post on Instagram. Celebrities and influencers have been rocking their sets all over social media and have inspired many to follow suit. 

While taking inspiration from the flashy, psychedelic vibe of the 1960s, the tie-dye of today is much more about soft pastel colors, cotton candy schemes, and a cloud-like feeling. Being such an easy, fun, and comfy look to recreate, tie-dye has become a favored quarantine activity by many, that just might stick around post-pandemic. 

“Trends in fashion are cyclical, but the trend has definitely modernized to fit the current culture. Tie-dye that is trending today is simpler and more minimal than versions of the pattern we saw in the late ’60s and early ’70s”

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 –  Ryen Anderson, Stitch Fix color expert

If you’re looking to add some fun into your quarantine uniform, consider picking up your own tie-dye tracksuit or make one yourself and have some fun with it! Play around with color, fit, and accessories… you’ll be tie-dyeing everything before you know it. 

And hey… even if it goes out of style, it’ll come back around in a couple of years. 

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