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Pamper Yourself with KISS this Valentine’s Day

Pamper Yourself with KISS this Valentine’s Day

Pamper Yourself with KISS

I’m always wary and skeptical about take-home kits. Whether it’s a face mask or art kit, somehow it doesn’t turn out the way I want or is harder than it was advertised to be.  

When I received a ready-to-wear manicure kit and a magnetic lash kit by KISS, to be honest, it was no different. I was blown away by its beautiful packaging and it looked like such a pretty gift! I was so excited to use it but gave myself excuses to save it. I thought to myself, well, I’m not going anywhere, I don’t want to waste it; maybe it’s not even going to be worth it to try, or maybe it won’t work. So, I saved it. 

However, with Valentine’s Day coming up, and realizing that this lockdown isn’t going to end anytime soon, I thought I might as well pamper myself and try this out! All of this is coming from an inexperienced makeup person, who usually only “completes her look” with face cream and the occasional mascara. 

First up was the KISS Magnetic Eyeliner & Lash Kit. 

Round one: I messed up the eyeliner and gave up.

Round two: I got the eyeliner on properly, but waited too long for it to dry and the lashes didn’t stick on right. I gave up.

Round three: It was Friday night, and definitely a better time to try on these beauties. I was staying in after all (*eye-roll*)!  

Zoom-fatigued and all, I was persistent to get the Tempt pair on. Thankfully, they’re reusable because I had to remove them, which I did easily with makeup remover and a pad. I washed my face and reapplied the liner and lashes multiple times. Regardless, slowly and one at a time, I managed to get the pair on and I am wearing them as I type! 

I was in such disbelief I finally had them on that I had to take a picture… or three. Okay, I was excited; I made a Boomerang series! How else would I get to prove and show off my hard work and dedication? 

Tips for Success

1. Cut the lashes a bit shorter to fit more naturally to your lash line. I cut one magnet off and that was perfect. Also be sure to cut it off right at/after the magnet and not in between two.

2. Perfect your eyeliner capabilities before using this one, or be prepared to use makeup remover after applying it. If you are a newbie. like myself, even though the eyeliner is smudge-proof and comes with a precision tip brush, it has a liquid base and is quite delicate.

3. Don’t play around with the lashes too much. The liner really does cling to the lashes (which have five double-strength magnets hidden under the lash line) and if you hold it long enough, it should adhere nicely. 

Once you get the how-to done right (even if it takes more than a few tries), it’s Line, Lash, Done! 

See Also

Overall, although these lashes were super fun to try out, I don’t plan on getting them again anytime soon. When the lockdown is over though, I’ll have to try on another style! Until then, unless you are already used to false lashes, I’d suggest natural as the only way to go.   

Since I was in go-mode, excited from getting the lashes on, that same night I also tried KISS’s imPRESS Press-On Manicure. And YES I was impressed

I usually treat myself at least once a year to acrylic or shellac nails, and this look was a close second (especially at a time when salons are still closed). The design was super cute, bejeweled with glitter (not the tacky kind though), and didn’t need harsh glue, making them safer and healthier for my natural nails. The nails were also easy to apply, fit nearly-perfect and didn’t need any extra shaping. 

KISS also just came out with a limited-edition Valentines Day collection featuring KISS Gel Fantasy Sculpted and Voguish nails: Pamper Yourself with KISSPamper Yourself with KISS

They should last up to a week, and as an added bonus, they’ll boost your self-confidence and everyday look during these particularly hard times! 

Nails done and lashes out, I was ready to “go” in under an hour – with nowhere to go! Who knows, maybe I’ll turn into a DIY pro and post-lockdown, these products will become a part of my self-care/makeup routine. 
What will you be treating yourself with this season? 


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