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Perfecting your Pout: 7 Lipstick Hacks you NEED to know

Perfecting your Pout: 7 Lipstick Hacks you NEED to know

Lipstick is a staple in so many makeup routines, and truly has the power to elevate ANY look. With a new lipstick trend popping up almost every season, we want to help you achieve the perfect pout. Whether you’re a die-hard lover or just entering the lipstick scene, it’s always exciting to learn new tricks and secrets that will make your lip color pop all day long! Keep reading to find out FBI STYLE’S 7 Lipstick Hacks you NEED to Know.

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1. The Perfect Shade — What Works for YOU

It may feel impossible to find your perfect lipstick shade with so many colors and finishes on the market, but we’ve made it easy. When choosing your color, whether it is nude, pink, red, or any other beautiful shade, it is important to consider your skin’s undertones. While there’s no rule book on lipstick, thinking about the undertones in your skin make it easier when navigating what feels like endless lipstick options.

Start by taking a look at your veins to determine your undertone:

Blue-ish or Purple-ish Veins = Cool Undertones

Green-ish Veins = Warm Undertones

Colorless Veins or Veins that Match your Skin = Neutral Undertones

Follow these simple rules to nail your color every time—but remember to have fun and play around with lipstick to find one that YOU love:

Cool Undertones: If you have cool undertones in your skin (pink and blue), opt for a blue or purple-ish lipstick. Avoid warm colors, and stick to your natural cool undertones. For a more nude look, consider cool browns, deep roses, and berry tones for a flush of color that will balance your complexion. When looking for a pop of color, choose blue-based pinks and reds, or purple-based burgundies that will compliment your skin and brighten your smile! Try Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Matte Lipstick in Sweet-Pea ($24) for the perfect pink.

Warm Undertones: If you have warm undertones in your skin (peach and yellow) look for orange and warm-toned shades. Avoid cool blues and purples that will draw out the yellow in your skin. For an easy nude shade, choose neutral-pinks, warm roses, and brick reds that will enhance your natural lip color. We love cult favorite Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk ($39). Vibrant peaches, corals, and true reds are great options when searching for a bright lip, while burgundies and warm brown tones will offer a dramatic look.

Neutral Undertones: If you have neutral undertones, (red, blue, and yellow) you’re in luck! Almost any shade—cool and warm tones—will sit nicely against your balanced complexion. Instead of undertones, consider your overall skin tone. Pair fair skin with a pinky toned shade, medium skin with mauve tones, and darker skin with berry shades. Consider your overall makeup look when pairing colors. We love Boosh’s nudie-pink in Bobbie ($26) for an everyday go-to!

PRO TIP: Always opt for one shade darker than your skin tone when choosing a lipstick to help your lips pop.


2. Remember your Base — Exfoliate!

All great makeup looks start with a great base. Just like the rest of your skin, you want to make sure that your lips are prepped for the day—especially when using matte colors that often dry out the lips and feather throughout the day (patchy lips, UGH!). Ensuring your lips are smooth and hydrated will ensure a flawless application. Use a lip scrub like Lush’s Unicorn Scrub ($12.95), or drag a spoolie brush lightly over the lips to remove dead skin. Consider using a lip mask like Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask ($26) at night to rehydrate and plump your lips after a long day.

3. Prep your Colour — Concealer First

To get the most out of your lipstick color, you want to start off with a blank canvas. Lightly dab your lips with concealer prior to your lipstick application to achieve the maximum color potential of your shade. If you have highly pigmented lips or are working with a lighter shade, a concealer base will help you achieve that extra oomph you’re looking for in your lipstick.

4. Lips that Stay All Day — Prime & Set

No one wants to be worried about reapplying lipstick during a busy day or keeping up with fading, flaky color. There are lots of long-lasting formulas on the market, but prepping and setting your lipstick will make all the difference. Dab on a moderate amount of clear makeup primer to clean lips prior to your lipstick application. After applying one layer of your shade, blot the lips to remove excess oils. Reapply, and grab a single-ply tissue. Hold the tissue against your lips and lightly dust your pout with translucent powder. Apply one more coat of lipstick and enjoy lip color that will stay all day—without flaking or feathering!

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5. Perfect Pouts — Lip Line Contour

Overlining your lips has been a trend since lipstick Queen, Kylie Jenner released her Lip-Kits in 2015. Contouring your lips and accentuating your cupid’s-bow can help achieve perfectly lined lips that have a little extra plump. Simply draw a straight line from the center of your cupids-bow to the bottom of your bottom lip. Draw a small triangle on your bottom lip, blot to remove harsh lines, and line your outer lips. Conceal the outer skin of your lips to enhance the contour, and finish by applying lipstick or a simple gloss (for a more natural look). Dust your favorite highlighter over your upper lip and enjoy a perfect pout!

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PRO TIP: Ensure the lip liner is one shade darker than your lipstick to achieve the contoured look.

6. All in One — Lipstick Everywhere

Who said that lipstick had to stay on your lips? Certainly not us! After applying to your lips—or not—grab your favorite shade and swipe it lightly over your cheeks for a crème blush and a perfect flush of color. Dab your finger on the lipstick and gently apply to your eyelids for a monochromatic look.

PRO TIP: For a glowy, editorial look, reach for a not-so-sticky gloss and dab a small amount on your lids.

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7. The Power of RED — Easy & Classic

Everyone loves a good red lipstick. It offers a timeless, classic look that can make anyone feel like a boss babe. Using a red lipstick can make your look go from drab to fab in one swipe. No time for a whole makeup look? No problem. Red lipstick gives the illusion of a fully done up face, as it draws the eyes to your lips. Missing eyeliner or eye shadow will go unnoticed with a red pout. When you opt for a red (that is perfect for your undertone) your smile will shine brighter, making you feel, and look more confident. Red has been a go-to for centuries—for good reason!

Here are our favs:

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