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Personalized non-invasive facial treatment – Developed by plastic surgeons at FORM Face + Body

Personalized non-invasive facial treatment – Developed by plastic surgeons at FORM Face + Body

What better way to treat yourself than with a relaxing facial treatment that will leave your skin feeling flawless? FORM Face + Body is revolutionizing non-invasive facial treatments through their cutting edge technology and services. Developed by plastic surgeons Dr. Somogyi and Dr. Jalil, your personal FORMula leverages advancements in beauty technology, from virtual consultations to 3D imaging. The FORM Face + Body team can assess you before you even walk through the doors for your personalized skin treatment. This is truly cutting-edge and tailored to your skin needs.

I had the pleasure of meeting the entire team and getting a non-invasive treatment myself and let me tell you, FORM Face + Body will not disappoint! I’m here to share with you my experience and talk all about the facial treatment I had done. Whether you’re seeking a clear and even complexion, more balanced aging, or if you’re just ready for a new phase in your beauty journey, then a personal FORMula is for you.


Here is how to start your your personal FORMula:

  1. You’ll start your skincare journey from the comfort of your bed, living room, or kitchen (your choice!), using your phone to answer a short questionnaire and take a few photos of your face. This technology creates a 3D image of your natural skin.
  2. Dr. Somogyi and Dr. Jalil will receive your responses personally and start developing a skin rejuvenation plan, specifically for you!
  3. Your first virtual consultation will then be scheduled, during which you’ll chat with the FORM team about any skin concerns you’d like to focus on.
  4. Next, you’ll receive your personal FORMula. This could include laser and light-based treatments, micro-needling, skin tightening, topical skincare, or a custom combination. Once you’re happy with the plan of action for your skin, we will arrange an appointment for you; it’s as simple as one, two, three!

It was such an easy and smooth process! During my virtual meeting we discussed my current skincare routine, skincare goals and concerns. Based on that they recommended the best facial treatment for me, which was Microneedlng. You’ve probably heard about Microneedling as it has become a popular facial treatment due to all its amazing benefits. I was scheduled for my appointment shortly after. As soon as I walked into the office the team was so welcoming and friendly. They walked me to the room and there I met Roya, an Aesthetic and Post-Surgical Nurse. She walked me through the treatment and explained the benefits of Microneedling. 

So what exactly is Microneedling? SkinPen is the world’s first FDA-approved microneedling device and represents a modern iteration of a tried and true technique for facial rejuvenation and scar improvement. Microneedling uses a vibrating/oscillating head of tiny needles to cause controlled micro-injuries that stimulate your body’s natural wound healing and regenerative process. Some of the benefits include refreshing the skin, improving texture, smoothing out the skin, getting rid of acne scars and much more! 

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The overall treatment was quite relaxing and pain free. I didn’t feel anything as they put numbing cream on before. My skin felt completely fine right after the treatment. It was a little red for a couple of hours. A soothing aftercare gel will be provided with each treatment to help minimize dryness and redness and improve the overall result. I applied the aftercare gel twice a day for about 2 days, it felt really soothing and cool which helped with the redness and hydration.

I noticed instant results! My skin looked smoother and brighter and the hyperpigmentation on my skin began to fade and this was all from the first treatment!

My experience at FORM Face + Body was great! They answered any questions I had, walked me through the entire treatment before and during my facial treatment. If you are looking to have a facial treatment done then this is your sign to do it! 

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