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Prados Beauty Interview & New Indigenous Day Launch with Cece Meadows!

Prados Beauty Interview & New Indigenous Day Launch with Cece Meadows!

Representation of Indigenous Communities in the beauty industry is so important, and no one knows this better than Prados Beauty! Founder and CEO of the brand, Cece Meadows, is on a mission to blend culture and education with stunning artistry with every single Prados Beauty product. This year is especially important with the brand new Prados Beauty x Steven Paul Judd Indigenous People’s Day 2021 collection that just launched on October 11th! This week we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with Cece Meadows and learn more about all the amazing things Prados Beauty is doing. To learn more about their brand new collection and their unique initiatives, keep reading! 

Can you share with us a little about who you are and your background?

My name is Cece Meadows and I am the founder and CEO of Prados Beauty. I am Yaqui and Comanche. I am an Army wife. Mother of 4 and the Matriarch of my family.

What inspired you to start your business?

I am a published NYFW makeup artist and I saw the marginalization of my people in the beauty community, and I wanted to change that. I also wanted to create a business where I could give back to Indigenous Communities throughout Turtle island.

Is there a story or any significance behind the chosen name of Prados Beauty?

Meadows in Spanish is translated to Prados. I love my last name and wanted to have something named after my family that would be in existence for generations to come.

As an Indigenous-owned beauty store, what makes your business unique or different in comparison to others on the market? 

We are selling products with our likeliness on them. It’s made by us and we get to make profits and give it back to our communities. Native American art, symbols, patterns and words are used every single day by white creatives who never credit us or give us recognition. We are a culture that is very appropriated. I am changing that by working with other Natives and Xicanos to create beautiful products and storylines and then amplifying them by giving them the true credit they deserve. We are a brand that hopes to create generational wealth not just for ourselves but for everyone we work with!

What is the Prados Promise? 

It’s a promise to never change. To never forget where we come from and what we have promised to our people and supporters. It’s a promise to amplify who we are as a people respectfully and then take our story and tell it correctly. It’s a promise to always help our people in any way that we can, not just by giving money but by also showing others how to become successful just as we have. It’s sowing seeds and making sure the harvest is healthy and flourishing for all to eat!

How does your culture and identity come into play when formulating your products?

Everything created by Prados Beauty has significance. If by our vibrant colors or patterns in the artwork. Our vegan and cruelty formulations that are responsible and take care of the consumer and our earth. We tell our story by coloring the world with the vibrancy and fire that we are as a people. When you buy Prados Beauty, you get to experience that beauty and authenticness.

Tell us about some of the products you offer & your best selling items.

We currently carry an array of cosmetics in our collection. Eyeshadow, blush, highlight, lipstick. We are coming out with some new products later this week and we are excited to expand the line. Our best-selling items are our Indigenous Peoples Day 2020 collection, it’s hard to keep it in stock. Also, our ECO face pads and eyeliner are a huge hit. 

In honor of Indigenous People’s Day this month you’re launching an exciting new collection and we would love to hear some more details about it!

Yasss! The Matriarch Collection is something that is near and dear to my heart. This launch has been a complete labor of love. This collection is dedicated to all the Matriarchs in our world and in our culture. We come from a matriarchal culture and I wanted to amplify and pay respects to those in our lives. This new collection will have 3 new products that expands our beauty line. We are very excited to share!

What inspired you to start an Indigenous Marketplace feature on your site?

I wanted to create a space where we could amplify and create work for other Indigenous creatives. I wanted a space where we could use our platform to help other creatives get seen and have their products sold. It has been very successful, we can’t keep our Indigenous marketplace stocked. It sells out quickly and we are constantly adding new creatives and products. 

What are some of your personal favorite products?

 I absolutely love every single item I create and come out with. I give my products to my friends and family as often as I can because I am so proud of what I have created. It’s just amazing formulas and products. I do carry my Prados lipsticks and eyeliner everywhere I go though. Haha!

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As a local Indigenous business, what’s something you love about your work?

I love the work we get to do in the community because of the Prados Promise. I love giving kids shoes, clothes and helping young entrepreneurs. I get to meet a lot of people and help others and that makes my heart happy. I also get to create a place where little Indigenous boys and girls who love makeup can come and share their art with us. Makeup is art and they create the most beautiful looks. I have a platform that gets to share them with the world. They get to be seen and that is important to me because I didn’t have that growing up.  

Where would you like to see your business in the next 5 years? 

I want to see Prados Beauty sold globally. I want Prados Beauty to be everywhere. Where there is Prados Beauty, there are people learning about us and understanding the importance of who we are as gatekeepers to the planet and history. 

Anything else you wish to add or share about your brand, successes & story? 

We just announced that we are the very first Indigenous/ Xicana/ Woman-owned company to be sold in a mega-store. I am so proud of that. I have worked really hard for this and I couldn’t have done it without my team and the people. The people are what grows this brand and I am so thankful. Prados Beauty will be sold in JCPENNEYS! You can find our products through both JCP online and in stores!

Thank you so much to Cece Meadows for sitting down with us to talk more about Prados Beauty! We had an absolute blast getting to know more about you and all the wonderful initiatives this beauty brand is dedicated to when it comes to supporting Indigenous Communities. Be sure to check out the brand new Prados Beauty x Steven Paul Judd Indigenous People’s Day 2021 collection available for purchase now! 

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