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PÜR Cosmetics Releases CBD-Infused Skincare Line

PÜR Cosmetics Releases CBD-Infused Skincare Line

The incorporation of CBD products in the beauty and skincare world is becoming more common. Brands like MILK Makeup or NYX Cosmetics are figuring out the power and beneficial results that CBD products have for the skin. Although there is much debate about the use of this ingredient and whether or not it does anything for the skin, it is ultimately setting a trend for other brands. 

PÜR Cosmetics’ goal is to always bring its customers the most innovative products that are good for the skin. They strive to educate their consumers about the ingredients that could be unfamiliar to them. This is why they provide a FAQ page on their website to help with the clarification of certain products. With the launch of their new Cannabis Collection, they wanted to make sure that their customers knew exactly what the ingredients were and why they were chosen. 

CBD is a popular ingredient in the beauty industry. PÜR’s newest collection uses CBD and Hemp-extracted oils to help nourish and refresh the appearance of the skin. CBD, a short form for cannabidiol, is an extraction from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It helps to soothe dry skin and improve skin comfort. Hemp Seed Oil is an extract from the seeds of the Hemp Plant. The oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and like CBD, helps soothe dry skin and improve skin comfort.

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Meet the CBD Collection:

Hybrid Balm: Hydrating lip and cheek balm that deeply hydrates, nourishes, and soothes dry, cracked skin ($20).

Hazy Daze: Soothing eye cream helps provide vital moisture, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while minimizing dark circles ($39).

Hybrid Primer: Hydrating serum that features a superfruit blend to help prime skin for seamless makeup application ($36).

Haze Mist: Replenishing facial setting spray that instantly refreshes and hydrates all skin types with botanical extracts ($28).

Skin Haze: Glass glow skin highlighter that helps minimize the look for pores and leaves behind a smooth, hydrated look for a luminous glass-like effect ($28).

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Meet the HEMP Collection: 

No Filter Blurring Photography Primer: Helps boost radiance and improve uneven skin tone and texture with color-correcting primers ($33).

Shades: Original, Rose Golden Glow, Bronze Glow

Extreme Visionary 12-piece Eyeshadow Palette: Features blendable, silky smooth shades that range from soft pinks to warm peach tones that compliment each skin tone ($32).

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