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Q&A with the Creator of Yambala Designs

Q&A with the Creator of Yambala Designs

Yambala Designs is a black-owned and unique jewelry company that sells stunning handmade pieces made with semi-precious stones focused on the power of healing. This week we had the chance to speak with Laudia Yambala, the designer and founder, about her inspiration and experience starting her business!

Can you share with us a little about who you are and your background?

I describe myself as spiritual, creative, highly energetic, and unique. I was born and raised in the Congo. I speak three languages: English, French and Lingala. TV & Film, Fashion and Spirituality are my passions. I’ve lived in several countries and enjoy travelling.


Image Provided by Laudia Yambala


How did you get into making jewelry?

I walked into a jewelry store one day, made some earrings and the rest is history. Until that day, I had no idea that I could make jewelry. I went from making gifts to selling my craft. It was the encouragement from my friends and family and how well people were responding to my designs that pushed me to believe that I could turn my hobby into a business.

Since you started the company in 2015, what have been some of the highlights?

Starting my company and living in New York was always a dream of mine, so that was a big highlight. There’s pure and non-resistant energy that crystals emanate. So when people come in contact with the gemstones and respond to their frequency there’s an energy shift, in most people, which is pretty remarkable. The way people respond and interact with my crystal designs is also a highlight. Crystals, despite their exquisite appearance, have very powerful healing benefits if we are open to them. Another highlight has been the opportunity to meet some celebrities such as Solange, Cynthia Erivo, and Maisie Williams who all have a piece of Yambala Designs jewelry!


Image Provided by Laudia Yambala


Have there been any unexpected challenges that have helped you grow as a business owner and jewelry designer?

I learned early on that it is all about numbers. This helped me to pay extra attention to my books. This can be easily neglected by start-up companies. I also learned that at first, you have to be able to do a bit of everything. For me, this meant production and sales, which takes a lot of work. When you make and sell everything you develop there are certain extra skills involved, especially interpersonal and sales. I also continue to learn about management and balance between the creative and administrative side of being a business owner.

What is your favourite product you are selling right now?

My favorite product right now is the moonstone. It is so beautiful, with its iridescent colours with blue and green hues. It is a crystal for new beginnings, emotional balance, and transformation. I also really love pearls! The crystals I wear on a daily basis are moonstone, pearl, turquoise, green garnet, amazonite, and rose quartz.


Image Provided by Laudia Yambala


Where do you get your inspiration when designing your products?

My main and primary inspiration is the crystals themselves. The colour, beauty, and unique details are so captivating. The energy and vibration of the gemstones take me on a journey. Once I get in my creative zone I make jewelry for hours and intentionally release love and light.

What makes Yambala Designs different from other jewelry companies?

Yambala Designs are bold, unique, colorful, elegant, and dainty! It’s also unisex and all our pieces provide healing benefits from the crystals! On top of this, I hand make all the jewelry. I handpick the crystals. I purify and sage them with good intentions and I make crystals into beautiful wearable jewelry. My intention is to make more people aware of their mental and emotional power, which can’t be found in your typical jewelry pieces.


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Image Provided by Laudia Yambala


How is spiritual healing an important element of your products?

Spiritual healing is an important element of my products because every piece of jewelry is made from a gemstone. Each crystal has unique healing benefits. Every piece of Yambala jewelry is an opportunity to heal and/or to look good. I also try to remind people that you are whatever you seek in the stone. People just have to open themselves up to receive whatever they want in life.

What is a new product or collection that you are excited about?

I am excited for my new collection of large cuffs. It is always fun to change and upgrade. So be on the lookout for some new versions of our very popular large cuff bracelets coming soon!

What are your goals for Yambala Designs for the next 5 years?

My goals for the next 5 years is to have a successful store in at least 2 countries.


Image Provided by Laudia Yambala


Thank you so much to Laudia for sitting down with us for an interview! We loved getting to learn more about the power that various crystal and stone jewelry can hold. Your craft is truly unique and we can’t wait to see what you achieve next! Make sure to check out the stunning jewelry at Yambala Designs.


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