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Rejuvenate Your Skin with JetPeel!

Rejuvenate Your Skin with JetPeel!


Keeping my skin looking bright and hydrated is my main skin goal. When I came across JetPeel facials and heard about all the skin benefits I was intrigued and eager to try it out. I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about JetPeel and talk about my experience and skin results.

What is JetPeel?

Jet Solutions are the next-generation approach to beautiful, fresh skin. Exclusively formulated for the JetPeel delivery system, Jet Solutions are nutritive serums designed to treat various dermatological and aesthetic concerns, deeply nourishing the skin to target the problem at the source. Based on subsonic jet stream application, JetPeel enables fast transdermal delivery with no needles, no pain, and no downtime. The world’s first and only beauty technology of its kind, JetPeel is clinically proven to provide instant, same-day, visible results in non-invasive, comfortable, and relaxing treatments.

JetPeel harnesses advanced skincare technology that accelerates nutrient-rich solutions into fine misty streams, enriched with nourishing microdroplets. Gently applied with the JetPeel handpiece, these jet streams effectively penetrate the skin without the use of needles, for a completely non-invasive yet deep acting treatment that feels good and looks amazing!

Standard aesthetics can be invasive, uncomfortable, and even require downtime for recovery but not JetPeel. This treatment is 100% painless and very relaxing! There are no needles, no cuts, and no damage to skin tissue. As soon as your treatment is done, not only will you see same-day visible results but you can also go about your day.

How does a JetPeel facial work?

JetPeel turns targeted solutions into a fine mist that is able to penetrate the skin on a deeper level, helping to provide you with specific treatments tailored just for you—travelling at a subsonic speed of over 200 m/s. Applied with an advanced JetPeel wand, the jet stream exfoliates the epidermal layer and gently stretches the skin surface, opening microchannels that allow for non-invasive delivery of nutritive microdroplets deep into the skin.

JetPeel is all about you and your skin

JetPeel offers custom solutions for every skin type and condition. Enjoy a perfect, tailor-made treatment that targets your skin blemishes, including sun & age spots, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, loss of skin tone, acne, scarring, stretch marks, or even a boost for hydration and glow. With JetPeel, skincare is not just effective – it’s personal.

JetPeel is all about you and your skin

JetPeel offers custom solutions for every skin type and condition. Enjoy a perfect, tailor-made treatment that targets your skin blemishes, including sun & age spots, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, loss of skin tone, acne, scarring, stretch marks, or even a boost for hydration and glow. With JetPeel, skincare is not just effective – it’s personal.

JetPeel treatments

There are a total of 7 treatments to choose from each targeting and addressing a different skin concern.

1. Renewal: High impact yet gentle serums formulated for skin renewal at various levels of exfoliation. The line includes Jet Detox Water for a soothing and purifying detox experience, renewal complexes ranging from 5% to 16% glycolic acid, and a complex containing mandelic and salicylic acid ideal for people with sensitive skin. Suitable for the face, neck, decollete, arms, hands, and thighs, rediscover the natural glow of fresh, rejuvenated skin.

2. Anti-ageing: The anti-aging line includes six Jet Solutions. Complex 1 contains hyaluronic acid and peptides for a general baseline treatment to combat the signs of aging. Complex 2 is enriched in vegetal stem cells and peptides to stimulate cellular regeneration, while Complex 3 focuses on toning and tightening via deep hydration and peptides that compensate for collagen loss. Complex 4 contains CBD, antioxidant increasing collagen production, and Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, a natural emollient. Power Bi-Phasic and ATX-NAT solutions take anti-aging treatment to the next level with the most advanced and long-lasting, non-invasive anti-aging treatment.

3. Brightening: Jet Solution Brightening Complex 1 contains powerful ingredients that act as pigment inhibitors, instantly creating a brighter, more uniform tone. Enriched with Stay-C Vitamin, an oxidation-resistant variant of vitamin C, and the exclusive Bio-Light compound, which is rich in natural brightening and redness-reducing ingredients, has a gentle and powerful formula for effective use on the face, chin, neck, decollete, and hands.

4. ATX-NAT (Botox alternative): Discover a natural, safe and painless anti-aging treatment that offers a superior alternative to Botulinum Toxin A. ATX-NAT Jet Solution takes a different approach, relaxing the muscles for a firmer appearance and improvement of fine lines and wrinkles. The clinically proven formula is based on Argireline, a peptide composed of 6 amino acids, and Betaine, which balances the skin’s water retention activity for a hydrated, nourished result. Ideal for effectively and safely treating the wrinkle-prone areas around the eyes and lips, ATX-NAT is the key to exceptionally brighter, softer, and smoother skin.

5. Acne: Effective treatment and prevention of acne are comfortable and painless with Acne Jet Solution, enriched with a combination of ingredients targeting Sebo-regulation, eradicating bacteria, and rebalancing the skin’s physiology for a clear, acne-free glow. The main active ingredients include Acnacidol for Sebo-regulation and antibacterial action that combats contaminations, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8 to reduce redness and swelling, and Phytic acid for sebum control, lightening, and moisturizing effects. Ideal for sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin areas, including the face, chin, neck, decollete, and all body areas as needed.

6. Couperose (Rosacea Treatment): Specially formulated for the treatment of rosacea and very sensitive skin, Couperose & Sensitive Skin Serum is rich in anti-inflammatory and sun defence ingredients that soothe and protect, preventing irritation and redness. The formula is infused with purifying antioxidant aloe barbadensis extract, Niacinamide for the reduction of fine lines and pigmentation, antibacterial Azelaic acid that evens and tones the skin, and calming, regenerating Troxerutin. It’s the perfect gentle yet powerful solution for the most sensitive and delicate skins.

7. Boosters: Boost JetPeel treatments even further with targeted infusions designed for various indications, including rejuvenation, hydration, toning, brightness, collagen production, acne-prone, and oily skin. The Jet Boosters collection includes four formulations: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin A+E. Integrated into the JetPeel treatment, Jet Boosters deliver a complementary nourishing lift in the deep skin layers, amplifying the JetPeel effects to create immediate, enhanced results. Be more than you ever dreamed of with Jet Boosters!


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I had my JetPeel facial done at Hammam Spa and I did the Brightening treatment with the vitamin A+E booster. My experience was AMAZING! From the great service to the relaxing ambiance, it was everything you could possibly want on a spa day. As soon as I walked in I was taken to the changing room where they gave me a robe and slippers, then I went to the Hammam Eucalyptus Steam Room. Eucalyptus Oils are diffused in the Hammam, which promotes good respiratory health and contains anti-inflammatory as well as antiseptic and decongesting properties. Eucalyptus’ smell is stimulating and known to remove exhaustion and mental sluggishness and enhance one’s mood and spirits.

Once I was finished from the steam room I went into another room to get my JetPeel facial done. The entire treatment was about 45 minutes and as mentioned, it was 100% pain-free. The only thing I felt was complete relaxation. I was SO eager to see what skin looked like after. It feels a little cold on the skin but it felt really nice and soothing. As soon as the treatment was done I looked at my skin and wow! My skin never looked so bright and hydrated. My face was not red, it didn’t get irritated and overall it just looked amazing! My skin also looked clear and much smoother.

My experience was amazing at Hammam Spa and with the JetPeel treatment. It’s a great treatment if you have a special occasion coming up or if you want consistently good-looking skin. I already can’t wait to go back for another JetPeel facial. JetPeel is now officially available at professional clinics and spas all across Canada. Learn more here!




Be sure to check out Hammam Spa and book your JetPeel treatments soon!

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