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“Safe Travel” but is it?

“Safe Travel” but is it?

If you are a big travel fanatic like myself, you are probably wondering when we can go back into adventure mode. My inbox is flooded from different airlines boasting about their sales and the many safety precautions they’re currently implementing to keep travelers safe. It certainly makes you wonder—is it really okay to travel? For this reason, I have decided to compile a guide on travel during COVID-19.

Airlines are doing routine temperature checks, as well as restricting access within airports to non-travelers. Most importantly, they’re sanitizing surfaces, hallways, bathrooms, and waiting rooms alike to help avoid the spread of COVID-19. Most planes are flying at a minimum passenger capacity, allowing space for social distancing. Nevertheless, this is not a guarantee by most airlines, so it seems like it’s a game of chance for now. You never know if you will get a crowded airplane and a busy airport, or a deserted journey.

We all want to be able to travel and enjoy a much-deserved vacay, but for now, the best bet we have is staying home—if you simply cannot avoid travel—here are 5 tips to travelling during a pandemic: 

1. Consider the place you’re traveling from and the place you’re traveling to—COVID-19 wise

Take into account that some countries have closed their borders to specific regions depending on their current and ever-changing COVID-19 situation. You might be required to self-isolate for 14 days before going out and you may be required to get tested for the virus. 

This also applies to your return, specifically for Canada, failure to self-isolate from a trip abroad may result in a hefty fine.

2. Remember you would have to wear your face mask for the duration of your flight and the time you spend at the airport.

This may sound obvious, but take into account the length of your flight and if wearing a mask for the entire duration of your trip is feasible for you.

Some flights may have additional requirements and safety measurements, such as reduced meals and restrictions on baggage. Make sure you do lots of research so there are no surprises!

3. Take into account that even if a region opens its borders, restrictions might still be in place 

Shopping centers, live events, bars/clubs, major tourist attractions, etc. might still be closed or working at a limited capacity. Make sure to check out what is open and what isn’t, to plan your trip well and avoid disappointment.

4. Expect the unexpected

Nobody knows how COVID-19 will continue to develop, even if the trends seem to be decreasing, it can easily change course (knock on wood!). Make sure that your airline is flexible with rescheduling/canceling flights as regions and attractions that are open now, may close later.

5. Consider keeping it local

If you stumble upon some attractive areas to visit around the home they might be your best option ATM. This way you can help your local economy and explore your region in-depth. You may discover new parts of “home” that you’ve never experienced before!

There is a lot of research and planning to be done when traveling during these complicated times. Remember that precautions are set to protect and contain the spread of this horrible virus. It is important to follow the measurements the authorities are implementing. We all have to do our bit to defeat COVID-19 and move forward! We will travel again soon—but if you must travel at this time, let’s get together, by staying six-feet apart.

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