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Safe Travels: What You Need to Know About Travel Agents and Insurance

Safe Travels: What You Need to Know About Travel Agents and Insurance

Safe Travels

How to choose a travel agent and the best insurance for your next hassle-free vacation: A conversation with Andrea Nadon from Travel Agents Take Action

When it comes to booking your next vacation or solo-trip around the world, you may be asking yourself, “Do I need a travel agent? What’s so special about having one? Do I need insurance for this?” Well, after talking to travel and tourism entrepreneur and expert, Andrea Nadon, founder of Travel Agents Take Action, we invite you to ask again! 

“Finding a good travel agent is as important as finding a good accountant for your taxes or a good stylist for your hair,” affirms Andrea. 

Travel is one of the largest industries on the planet. And for good reason. Travel moves and changes you physically, spiritually, physiologically, and mentally. Your travel time is a part of who you are and your well being, so picking an agent that truly gets you (and not just your credit card) is huge. 

Do yourself a favour and reduce the stress involved in planning your next trip by choosing a travel agent wisely. Here are three major tips to consider when choosing your travel agent (a.k.a. Your new best friend): 

  1. Know you are dealing with someone who is passionate about customer service.
    Andrea says that travel agents are a “one thousand per cent customer service role.” So to know that someone is in the industry for you and not only in it for the perks is super important. Your agent should be up-to-date on current media, technology platforms and trends, as well as know how to connect with people both on and offline.
  2. A great travel agent is one who is passionate and knowledgeable about travel.
    This should be a given. Andrea recommends picking a person who “totally understands travel for what it is, and appreciates the importance and the lifeform it gives.” Travel brings families together, brings couples back together, and, as mentioned, changes you as a person. Finding a person who shares the love for the unlimited opportunities that travelling provides, is another must.
  3. Choose an agent that you can expect to form a long-term relationship with. Much like choosing a neighbourhood to live in, or a partner to date, it’s a two-way relationship. A good agent finds the time to get to know you and your wants and needs, in order to create what you want out of your next vacation. A good agent is someone who is going to be around for a long time, much like a family member or a good neighbour. 

“Travel became my greatest life classroom. It became my greatest teacher and so I see that everything I do within this industry is an opportunity to learn and grow as an individual”

– Andrea Nadon.

Ultimately, if you have a good travel agent, choosing your travel insurance is another major part of the job. Travel agents specialize in reading the fine print, and with so many options (and not to mention, illnesses and accidents that can happen) out there, you need a good pair of eyes. 

“Many people don’t look at insurance, and when they do, they don’t read the fine print,” Andrea says. “So people think all they need when they go on vacation is their credit card,” which may include coverage up to five million dollars. However, she added, “There is usually a restricting clause to that,” such as “only if this happens.”

However, the pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to buying travel insurance, which Andrea says is as important as car and home insurance. She adds, “Why wouldn’t you protect your life, your family members, and your sacred time just the same while on vacation?” For instance, paying $200 for travel insurance is a lot better than having half a million dollars of overseas medical expenses. 

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Travel agents and travel insurance go hand in hand. They know insurance and ideally, know their clients, and can ultimately help make informed decisions. It’s not so much which insurance company or policy you go with, although dependent on travellers’ ages, medical conditions and more, it is just about getting one that works for you. Travel agents can also look over any of your current coverage to make sure that it sufficiently meets your needs. 

Overall, you may agree that when dealing with an experience of a lifetime or a big financial investment, it’s better done with someone in the business. Who better to help you than a professional, specialized in all the fine tunings along the way. Choosing a travel agent invested in you, as much as you are invested in your trip, makes the perfect package deal for the vacation of your dreams. 

Bon Voyage!

PLUS, stay tuned to FBI STYLE for an upcoming conversation with Andrea on how to prevent that dream vacation from becoming a nightmare.

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  • Well done Nicole!!
    Thank YOU and FBI.Style very much for the privilege of sharing a bit of the ‘insider’ world of travel on behalf of my extraordinary Team of TravelPros. We adore what we do and work diligently to make sure that this shines through our service.

    Sincere Thanks again and Happy New Beginnings to You and your beautiful Readers!!
    I look forward to our next conversation 🙂

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