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Shoe Lovers Rejoice: One Site Fits All

Shoe Lovers Rejoice: One Site Fits All

Let’s talk about my favourite part of completing an outfit: SHOES! It is true when they say “a girl can never have too many shoes” – cue the Sarah Jessica Parker/Carrie Bradshaw twirl. The right pair of shoes can take an outfit from casual to dressy to city-style chic.

I love shopping for shoes online, especially with so many new online stores. However, I always wonder if the low price point will compromise the comfort and quality of the shoes.

For the longest time, I could only shop from two or three stores. I have really small feet! I am a size 3 in women’s shoes and I usually don’t fit into a size 5, which is generally the smallest size sold for women! So, you can only imagine my struggles to find cute heels. Admittedly, casual shoes are much easier to find, as I often wear kids or youth sizes (they also cost less). Fortunately, my go-to stores have always been Aldo and Winners, until I came across FSJ!

Of course, just like any other online store, I was hesitant at first; I felt like it was too good to be true. After further research, I found that their shoe sizes run from 3-13. For an additional cost, you can also customize your heel height, extend the width of boots and even send them a picture of shoes you would like to have custom-made for you! With a medium price point and over a thousand different types of shoes, I knew I was in shoe heaven. After hours and hours of searching through the site, I decided to get my first pair. I chose these beautiful red fringe sandals:

Upon arrival, my first reaction was how comfortable the shoes were! I ended up customizing the heel height to 3.5 inches so I could wear them on vacation. I mean, let’s be real, who wants to walk around on cobblestone with 5-inch heels? One thing I had to adjust was the lace; it was a little bit too long for my liking. This was an easy fix; I just asked my mom to cut it to the length I wanted and then re-sew it. Overall, these red fringe sandals were definitely a win!

My second pair from FSJ needed to be something pink as I am the self-proclaimed queen of pink! I decided to go for a staple pair of pink sandals because I can get more use out of them. It is the perfect summer sandal. The suede material makes it look expensive, while it’s easy to clean. The low block heels make it easy to walk around, not to mention the cushion on the bottom that makes it so comfortable. The simple design makes it easy to match with any outfit. The pink is also on the lighter side making it more of a neutral.

I also love that this style comes in so many different colours.

I also purchased a pair of leopard-print heels from FSJ. They are a little bit on the narrow side, but extremely comfortable and I love the leopard pattern.

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Here are four tips for when you’re shoe shopping online with FSJ:

1. Since there are so many options, from wedding shoes to holiday (even Halloween) ones, focus on one specific aspect such as colour or heel height. If you are just browsing, try searching through the different shoe styles, such as pumps, sandals, or wedges.

2. Check the reviews; I’ve only bought shoes that include reviews from other customers. I also pay attention to their listing details, some products only have one picture and that makes me skeptical. Look for shoes that have more than one picture, showing different angles.

3. Their customer service is actually great! Don’t hesitate to email FSJ if you have any questions. They usually get back to you within a day!

4. With so many different styles and colours on the site, I know it can become overwhelming, however, I suggest focusing on a staple for your first purchase rather than a statement. You can always go back for more!

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