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Show Your Skin Some TLC with Bridal Glow this Fall & Winter!

Show Your Skin Some TLC with Bridal Glow this Fall & Winter!

The weather may be getting colder and dryer, but that doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer! With Bridal Glow, their products will take your skincare routine to a whole new level this fall. In today’s article, we are giving you the complete run down on some of their amazing products that are perfect for showing your skin some much needed TLC, like the Bridal Glow Masque and the Bedew Booster Serum! We can’t wait for you to learn more about these phenomenal products.


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Bridal Glow Masque | $59.00

First let’s meet the Bridal Glow Masque! This product is an absolute dream and we bet it’s the only mask you will ever need to treat your unique skin goals. The Bridal Glow Masque is truly an all-in-one beautifier, bursting with nature’s most detoxifying ingredients! Feel the personalized luxury of an all-natural and nourishing formula with key ingredients like golden turmeric and saffron. Not only is it a great detox, but this mask can also work wonders for giving you a gorgeous glow! Since it’s perfectly balanced for any skin type and is a plant-based beauty product, by design its purpose is to make you glow both inside and out. This is a perk your skin will be sure to love in no time! 

Plus, did you know that this mask is also customizable? It can be mixed with your favourite Bridal Glow booster serum, making it a personalized treatment completely unique to you and your skin type. Whether your skin needs major hydration, a brightening boost, or a surefire cure for that annoying acne, each drop of serum will completely personalize and concentrate the effects of the mask, which is something you definitely don’t see everyday in your skincare routine!

Let’s talk more about the amazing ingredients and their benefits! Turmeric is an incredibly powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient. This is your secret weapon to preventing acne and redness while bringing out your natural, hydrated glow! With the help of turmeric, this product eliminates those unwanted impurities without having to sacrifice your beautiful look. The other crucial ingredient is saffron. This is the world’s most expensive spice and it also doubles as an all-natural and luxurious detox powerhouse. With saffron in your skincare routine, antioxidants will work their magic in no time to soothe inflammation, clear blemishes, and even out your skin tone! Other ingredients that can be found in this dreamy mask are aloe vera, dead sea mud, calendula extract and papaya extract, all of which have magical detoxifying and nourishing qualities that help clean up your skin’s surface and bring out that beautiful glow from within!

How to use: Bridal Glow experts recommend applying the mask up to 4 times a week to see your best skin results! Be sure to rinse after 20 minutes of wearing with lukewarm water. Pat skin dry with a clean towel.

My experience: I am obsessed with this mask! This may be clay based, but it is nothing like your average mask product. I love how the texture is buttery soft and is super easy to apply. It’s not too drying on the skin, and luxurious doesn’t even begin to describe the wonderful experience I had with this product. I especially suffer from pesky acne breakouts on my forehead area, so this mask was the perfect detoxifying treat. The Bridal Glow team wasn’t kidding when they said this is the only mask you will ever need in your skincare routine!


Image by Bridal Glow


Bedew Booster Serum | $75.00

Next, let’s talk about the Bedew Booster Serum, aka, the ultimate dewy glow-up. This is the number one product that is going to make your skin feel refreshed and transported to a tropical paradise with all the hydration benefits. The Bedew Booster Serum is the ultimate relief for thirsty skin. It’s soothing (but powerful) ingredients are derived from nature’s top hydrators, proven to quench dry pores and enhance your tone and texture. As the Bridal Glow experts would say, you’re way too pretty to ever let your skin be parched! They know the struggle with the cold seasons arriving, which is why once this serum meets your skin, it’ll feel like a match made in heaven.

When it comes to the formula, this serum is an all-natural dream. Cranberry seed oil is an incredible key ingredient that your skin will love! This berry beautifier defends your skin from harsh free radicals and produces collagen. Plus, it’s the perfect ingredient for maintaining elasticity and firmness, all while keeping your pores super hydrated and refreshed! This serum is also packed with tons of superfood extracts that will nourish and replenish your skin on a whole new level. Apricot, lychee and tomato extracts are your trifecta for smooth and soft skin. These three ingredients work to heal your skin with healthy vitamins as a way to combat dry and damaged skin. Other key ingredients that make this serum a hydrating dream is white tea extract and witch hazel. Talk about an incredible formula that does it all! 

How to use: Bridal Glow experts recommend applying a few drops of serum to the entire face after cleansing and toning. For an added boost to your glow-up, mix this serum with your Bridal Glow Masque for a personalized and concentrated dewy glow. 

My experience: This serum is just what my skin needed! I am definitely feeling the weather changes as my skin has been craving some major hydration. Luckily, the Bedew Booster Serum has been my saving grace. My skin can really feel the difference with these all natural ingredients as well, as the superfood extracts are absolutely incredible for restoring my hydrated glow. This serum is also super nourishing and is a great addition to my skincare routine. Not only is it easy to apply, but I really notice a great and healthy glow appearing on my skin thanks to this wonderful product! If you’re someone who struggles with keeping your skin hydrated and replenished in the fall and winter seasons, I highly recommend you check out this product!


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Spatula + Beauty Spoon | 18.00

Finally, let’s chat about a must have beauty tool that will change your skincare routine! The Bridal Glow Spatula + Beauty Spoon will completely elevate your face mask game. This tool is incredible for making your product applications mess-free and incredibly relaxing. Use both the spatula and spoon side to effortlessly scoop and sweep on your Bridal Glow Masque. This tool will make for a smooth, even, clean and more hygienic application! 

This Spatula + Beauty Spoon is the perfect size for at-home or travel skincare routines. For the ultimate treat, Bridal Glow experts recommend scooping out the Bridal Glow Masque with the spoon side, adding a few drops of your fav Booster Serum, then mixing and applying with the silicone applicator! Together this makes for an incredibly luxurious self care routine!

Don’t forget that this product is limited edition and is only available while quantities last. This beauty tool is an all around winner, so I highly recommend you check it out before it’s too late!



It’s safe to say that we absolutely love Bridal Glow and their amazing skincare products! They have something for everyone, and are especially here to help you fix all your fall and winter beauty needs, whether it’s treating acne, detoxifying, or providing you with a beautiful hydrated glow! Be sure to check out all these gorgeous products while you can, all of which are available for purchase now! 

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