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Spirit, Music, and the Creation of Déa’s Music Ministry

Spirit, Music, and the Creation of Déa’s Music Ministry

The first time you fell in love with a song, I’m sure it felt like a “spiritual awakening.” This song probably touched you and connected with you on a deeper level than anything you had ever heard before. Whatever that song is, keep it close to you and never forget the way that it made you feel.

Music has the ability to connect with us and makes us feel like the singer knows exactly what we are going through. In times of joy or in times of grief, music has the power to say exactly what we are feeling when we cannot find the right words. This is very true with all types of genres but especially in spiritual music. Spirituality can be seen as religious or it can mean the impact that human spirits may have on you. Although it does not always have to be religious, a lot of what we know about spirituality does come from different religions. We hear the way these sacred and secular sounds come together and create music that allows us to connect with something larger than us, whether that is in a God or a spirit.

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When you put spirit and music together, that spiritual music can be heard in the church, places of worship or just in sounds that make you feel at peace. It is something that has been developed over centuries, and has become a key part of many religions and traditions of different backgrounds. Music and spirituality go hand in hand and in many cases the relationship that they have impacts music lovers and people alike. Déa, a Christian contemporary singer created a music ministry that accompanied the release of her newest single “You Lift Me Up.” This platform is meant to emphasize the role of spirituality and grace in our everyday lives.

Especially with the uncertain times that we are experiencing right now, the launch of this music ministry is an opportunity for people to connect with one another. Déa said that she wants her music to “tell a story, not of triumph, but of the story of the journey.” 

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With the state of the world at the moment, it is important to remember the small things like music, that make us believe in something that is more than us, and more than what we are facing. The relationship between spirituality and music is one that continues to evolve with the likes of Déa and so many other inspiring artists. 

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