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Stay Safe and Clean with These Vegan Leather Accessories

Stay Safe and Clean with These Vegan Leather Accessories

During the Covid-19 pandemic, is it important to take as many preventive measures as possible. In the eyes of most people, these measures would include wearing a mask and washing your hands regularly to help prevent the spread of germs. However, not many people also think about how their clothing or accessories play a factor in keeping them safe.

When it comes to fashion and style, we generally opt for what looks best, or for what is the latest trend. More specifically, when it comes to bags, for instance, genuine leather bags are the most popular buy. But did you know that genuine leather can cause more harm than good in terms of health? Whereas opting for a vegan leather bag can in fact prevent the spread of germs?

12News revealed through their filth finder segment, the amount of dirt and germs our accessories can carry. They tested a variety of purses, handbags, and backpacks and found a high number of them were susceptible to cold and flu germs that could lead to sickness. A regular leather purse was tested and scored at 560 which is 20 times the healthy amount of dirt and bacteria. A vegan leather purse was also tested and scored only 29, which is a healthy amount – unlikely to cause sickness. Genuine leather cannot be fully disinfected, so it is continually cultivating germs whereas vegan leather is waterproof and easy to clean while still giving off the same stylish effect.

Sport Chic offer a fully vegan line of bags, purses and backpacks with vegan leather exteriors and waterproof interiors, making them easy to keep clean. These bags also include insulated pockets to keep drinks and snacks warm or cold, and your face mask, phone, sanitizer, and keys secure. This all-vegan line allows you to stay fashionable and sanitized at the same time, all while reducing exposure to germs. 

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Not only does this vegan leather goods line aim to keep you clean and safe but it also aims to support women as a fully female-owned company. Since 2015 Sports Chic has donated products to the Cedars-Sinai Journey to Breast Cancer Wellness in LA and also Working Wardrobes, a non-profit altering the lives of men, women, youth and veterans based in Irvine.
Learn more about Sport Chic products at http://www.sportschic.com

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