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Sunlight into Jet Fuel? The Future of Sustainable Travel is Here

Sunlight into Jet Fuel? The Future of Sustainable Travel is Here

FACT: The aviation industry (a.k.a. airplane travel) accounts for a total of 2.4% of GLOBAL emissions, contributing significantly to climate change and global dimming. 

The shift to sustainable solutions is now more important than ever. 

There has been a clear push for alternative and sustainable travel options as airline companies have been experiencing great pressure to go green. With the rise in climate change awareness and even with the decline in travelling due to the pandemic, companies such as Gevo Inc. (an American biofuels company) have seen a growing interest in sustainable jet fuels and a continuation of sales in jet fuel and hydrocarbons.  

Recently, The Lufthansa Group partnered with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) to develop a technology that will turn sunlight into jet fuel. A carbon-neutral and environmentally sustainable option, this new technology aims to create hydrocarbon fuels with only sunlight and air. Oh, and it’s cost-effective (a win-win some would say)! 

This new technology uses “three thermochemical processes that enable the extraction of carbon dioxide and water from the air, solar-thermochemical splitting of carbon dioxide and water, and liquefaction into hydrocarbons,” reports Airline Geeks.  

Basically all of that science-talk means that hydrogen fuel cell technology creates its own electric current while leaving little-to-none emissions–making this innovative technology perfect for the future of sustainable travel (go green)! 

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“The Lufthansa Group has been working hard for years to make flying ever more sustainable. Thanks to the forward-looking technologies and the cooperation with innovative partners in already two of our home markets, we are on the right track,” said Christina Foerster, Lufthansa Group Executive Board Member.

In Ireland, Dómhnal Slattery, the CEO of Avolon, an airline leasing company, believes that airlines should be given a green-rating score in which a lower score equates to lower financial costs, enforced by the Green Party if they were in government. This would motivate airlines to switch to newer, more fuel-efficient planes. 

Fuel-efficient, sustainable and innovative, this new jet fuel technology really is the future of travel. Now we can start going places (or planning to) without the guilt of our growing carbon footprint!

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