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The Bathing Oil & Hydrating Bath Salts That You Need for an At-Home Spa Day!

The Bathing Oil & Hydrating Bath Salts That You Need for an At-Home Spa Day!

The Bathing Oil & Hydrating Bath

The Beauty of Eczema, a clean, natural, vegan skincare brand developed in the UK by natural skincare entrepreneur Camille Knowles, has launched two new products. A luxurious Bathing Oil and hydrating Bath Salts are joining their award-winning skincare collection! My skin has been feeling so dry lately and let me tell you these two products instantly left my skin feeling hydrated and looking smooth. Using these products made me feel as if I was at a relaxing spa, and who doesn’t love that feeling?

Upgrade your bathing routine with this deeply nourishing Bathing Oil that contains 99.9% naturally derived, skin-friendly ingredients to help calm, hydrate and protect dry skin. This Bathing Oil contains many natural ingredients such as Castor Oil to keep skin moisturized. Omega 3 & 6 are also included, which is important for combating dry conditions and maintaining healthy, well-balanced skin. Oat Lipids are a unique ingredient derived from oat oil and contain the highest natural level of Vitamin E, proven to protect and heal the skin. And finally, Rhamnosoft, a fermented sugar-based ingredient, designed with the benefits to also protect and soothe dry skin.

Not only are the ingredients one of my favourite parts of the Bathing Oil but the way the oil turns into a milky texture is so satisfying. The way to use this product is to pour it into a running bath and watch as the oil transforms, giving you the best at-home spa ritual. Or you can apply it directly to the skin before rinsing for the ultimate moisturizing experience.

The Bath Salts is a carefully crafted blend of salts, each known for its skin-soothing benefits. This product is especially perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin. Like their Bathing Oil, it is packed with 99.9% naturally derived ingredients that have been carefully selected to effectively hydrate and improve the skin barrier. The 3 key ingredients included in this oil are Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt. Pink Himalayan Salt has many skin-soothing benefits, Dead Sea Salt is rich in magnesium for skin hydration and finally, Epsom Salt when dissolved in water gives an amazing silky texture for bathing. The best way to use the Bath Salts is to apply a generous handful to a warm bath and just relax!

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Add these two products to your bath routine and give yourself an at-home spa day – you deserve it! All Beauty of Eczema products are sold at Shoppers Drug Mart. Check out our other article to learn about Beauty of Eczema’s Moisturizing Cream and Skin Wash, you will not be disappointed!

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