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The Beauty of Eczema now available across Canada!

The Beauty of Eczema now available across Canada!

The UK brand, ‘The Beauty of Eczema’ has officially launched in Canada and is now available across all Shoppers Drug Mart stores. The Beauty of Eczema, developed by UK influencer and entrepreneur Camille Knowles, is an all-natural, cruelty-free, vegan skincare brand that is made for those who have dry and sensitive skin. The two products that have launched in Canada are a Moisturizing Cream and a Skin Wash that have both been dermatologically tested. The products have been developed with an award-winning formulator specifically for dry and sensitive skin. The Moisturizing Cream and Skin Wash both have 100% botanical and allergen-free ingredients with less than 1% of fragrance in its products. The best part is that over 97% of the product’s ingredients are naturally derived and suitable for all sensitive skin types. We had the pleasure to try out the products for ourselves and let me tell you – they are as amazing as they sound!

Camille Knowles began her incredible journey of launching The Beauty of Eczema in 2018 after going through her own personal struggle with dry and sensitive skin. In 2013, Camille was hospitalized due to eczema and that’s when her struggle to find products for eczema-prone and sensitive skin began. After leaving the hospital, she researched the best products for eczema-prone and sensitive skin that can give her hope and pull her out of this condition and help her live a glowing life. After conducting research, she realized that a lot of people were suffering from the same condition and how difficult it was to find products that would help. This marked the moment when Camille decided to take it upon herself to create products that actually work to help herself and others with this condition feel inspired, hopeful and beautiful in their own skin.  That is why the brand is called The Beauty of Eczema: “My hope is to inspire others, and share my knowledge so they can see the same in their skin too.” says Camille Knowles.

Camille Knowles - The Beauty of Eczema

Give your skin a daily dose of gratitude with this super luxurious and skin-friendly Moisturizing Cream! It is carefully formulated with natural ingredients to protect the skin’s protective barriers and boost hydration. The best part is, this Moisturizing Cream is 97.9% derived from all-natural ingredients which helps your skin to feel comfortable and cared for. You can apply this Moisturizing Cream generously all over your body in the morning and evening.

There are 5 key ingredients in this Moisturizing Cream that will help you achieve glowing skin. The first is Natural Butters like mango and shea; which are highly moisturizing and proven to protect the skin’s barrier when combined with Jojoba Seed oil. Also, Omega 3 and 6 include balanced essential fatty acids that help to keep skin well, balanced and healthy. Another ingredient is Oat Lipids derived from oat oil which contains the highest natural levels of Vitamin E; also proven to not only protect but also heal the skin. The fourth main ingredient is Rhamnosft, a fermented sugar-based ingredient that protects and soothes the skin. It has been proven to boost the feeling of skin comfort. The fifth and last ingredient is Bioecolia, a prebiotic which helps to visibly balance the skin and works to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier.

Moisturizing Cream - The Beauty of Eczema

Energize your body with this creamy, highly moisturizing Skin Wash, created with gentle cleansing ingredients and carefully formulated with 98.3% naturally derived, skin-friendly ingredients. Apply to damp skin, then rinse and love every inch of your body!

The first key ingredients are natural moisturizers, Betaine is a natural Sugar Beet-derived natural moisturizer, proven to help the skin by protecting cells from dehydration. The next two ingredients are Oat Lipids and Rhamnosoft, which are the same ingredients used in the Moisturizing Cream.

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Skin Wash Gel Nettoyant - The Beauty of Eczema

The ingredients in The Beauty of Eczema products were thoughtfully and carefully thought out. Each key ingredient has its own benefits to help soothe, heal and protect the skin. Moisturizing the skin that is dry and eczema-prone is essential on its road to recovery and healing. I have dry and sensitive skin, especially during the wintertime, and I had the pleasure of trying out the products. The Moisturizing Cream felt amazing on my skin! I instantly felt hydrated and the texture was very smooth and not sticky. My favourite part was how quickly it absorbs into the skin. The Skin Wash also felt just as amazing. My skin felt so hydrated and moisturized instantly. Both products used together will make the biggest difference in your skin!

Keep an eye out for more products in the future!

Skin Wash Gel Nettoyant - The Beauty of Eczema

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