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The Best 2021 Holiday Makeup Launches

The Best 2021 Holiday Makeup Launches

There are many makeup launches that happen throughout the year, but there’s something special about makeup collections that launch during the holidays! Whether it’s to treat yourself or someone special, they are always stunning. Since it’s such a busy time with so many new and great products coming out at once, it’s only natural for you to get confused and end up missing out on the best launches during this season.

That’s why we have rounded up the best 2021 holiday makeup launches so you don’t miss out on anything!

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette in Smokey Eyes Are Forever

Every year Charlotte Tilbury launches a holiday palette and this year isn’t any different. With a great range of colors, this palette divides the different shades into four categories: love eyes, power eyes, happy eyes and confident eyes. Surely this makes it easier when choosing which look to go for depending on the occasion.


Sephora Favourites Bestselling Beauty Must-Have Set

If you always get lost while at a Sephora and just want to try everything, then this set is perfect for you. This Sephora sampler allows you to try the beauty community’s favourite products without spending too much on products you’re not sure you’ll like. Also, it’s a perfect and thoughtful gift for anyone who loves makeup!

Too Faced Cinnamon Swirl Eyeshadow Palette

This limited-edition eyeshadow palette is pure holiday vibes. With cozy earth shades and glittery bright colors, this palette is just perfect for the holiday season.

Tarte give & gift sweet tarte™ bundle

The idea of these two palettes is to “give one and keep the other”. One palette comes with nine shades of bronzes, taupes and nudes, with a scent of cinnamon dolce latte. The other also comes with nine shades, but of neutral pinks, plums and mauves, smelling like a delicious mocha frappuccino. Tarte definitely got this one right!

Fenty Beauty’s Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil

One thing we can count on is that Rihanna does not disappoint. This limited edition sparkly face and body palette comes in three shades and is inspired by Fenty’s Beauty’s Gloss Bomb shades. It’s perfect for all skin tones and has a 3D shimmer finish, melting into the skin and leaving you very glowy.

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Lise Watier Irresistible Collection

This must-have beauty essential collection is perfect for the holiday season and one thing it promises is that you will shine. This collection contains a 6-colour eye shadow palette, blush duo, lip balm with a hydrating formula, glossy lip coat and a single lift eye patch that helps you erase signs of fatigue in under 20 minutes. It’s absolutely perfect!


We hope our roundup list of holiday makeup collections launching this season has helped you narrow down your purchases to some amazing choices! Whether you are hoping to update your own makeup products, treat yourself, or start your gift shopping a little early, this guide offers something for everyone. Here’s to an exciting 2021 holiday season full of gorgeous glam!


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