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The Best Jackets for Fall & Winter

The Best Jackets for Fall & Winter

Fall fashion is an opportunity for fashion lovers to experiment. Some like to experiment with layers, while others like using color as a way to express themselves. Of course, many of us simply prefer comfort as our number one priority. We definitely can’t forget about those that like to tamper with all three essential qualities either! Whether you are a fall fashion lover who knows exactly what they want in a coat, or need to do a little more research, we’ve got you covered. In today’s article, we will be taking you through 5 essential fall coat ideas that we are sure you’ll love!


Brown Trench Coat

This trench coat is stylish, simple, and goes well with professional and casual looks. Not much layering is needed because the coat is long enough to cover the whole body. It’s also stylish enough to match with almost any color and outfit style. This makes it a great transition piece into winter!


Chic Fall Look

If you like experimenting with colors, are conscious of your workweek and casual fits are easily interchangeable to your wardrobe, this might be just the jacket you’ve been looking for! Versatility in a jacket is super important, especially for fall. Not many people like the color green, but for fashion lovers, that’s perfect for you because it means nobody will have the same jacket! Plus green is a very popular color right now, so this is your ideal opportunity to incorporate it more into your wardrobe. If green isn’t for you though, this jacket style can be found in plenty of other colors as well!


Fashionable Black Jacket

Fashion lovers know you can never go wrong with a classic black jacket like this one! It leans towards the side of a casual fit, but daring trendsetters probably wouldn’t mind wearing it to a professional setting either. It goes well with a simple outfit because a jacket like this has so much detail. Up your trend level by going for a leather material, or keep it comfy and cozy with the traditional fleece and wool. Either way, you really can’t go wrong with this one!


Black Plain Jacket

This plain black coat goes a long way for people that like layering and keeping it simple. It goes well with a professional or casual look, and of course, because it’s a plain black coat with not too much going on, it would easily match with any color or layering of your choice. Great for date nights, outings with your besties, formal events and so much more, this type of coat works great for many seasons and will be your most versatile piece in your closet!

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Faux Fur Jacket

If you’re looking to get adventurous with your style, this is the look to go for this fall! These faux fur styles are incredibly chic for fashion lovers looking to stand out and tap into some creativity. Not everyone can pull off this look, but when done right, this statement piece looks so gorgeous. This jacket would especially look great on a particular date night, extravagant event or a fun outing with friends. With a little confidence and a matching casual fit, this jacket would look so spectacular on anyone!


Now is the best time to explore your fashion sense when it comes to finding the perfect coat for the fall and winter seasons! Whether you are a big fashionista who likes to experiment or are looking for comfort and versatility, we hope this list helps you narrow down some great options for your wardrobe. Let us know which style you are most excited to try this season! 

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