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The Best Places to Thrift in Toronto

The Best Places to Thrift in Toronto

Thrifting is not only very trendy right now, but it’s also a great way to contribute to sustainable fashion, besides the perk of having unique pieces in your closet. And because it’s not always easy to find good thrift stores, we’ve rounded up a list of the best places to thrift in Toronto!


1- Value Village

Value Village has been in Toronto for more than 65 years and it’s no wonder why. Not only can you thrift in Value Village but you can also donate the clothes that don’t have use for you any longer. Also, you can check their Instagram beforehand so you can have an idea of what type of pieces you will find in the location. Nevertheless, definitely worth a visit!


2- Black Market

Because Black Market is a vintage store, you can find pieces that are trendy now (the early 2000s are calling!). From different types of clothing to accessories and shoes, you can find pretty much anything in it, and the best thing is that if you’re not in Toronto, you can shop online as well! Make sure to check their Instagram for their pieces and style!


3- Mama Loves You

Founded in 2012 by mother and daughter, this thrift store has gorgeous pieces to find! Open every day, in this store you will find beautiful dresses, as well as cool T-shirts, jumpsuits, skirts, and much more at a more reasonable price than in usual stores. Make sure to check their items on their Instagram!


4- Common Sort

Don’t hesitant to check Common Sort because they call it a consignment store. That’s a result of this one being more of a “luxury” thrift store, which means that you may need to activate your thrifting skills to the max to guarantee you’ll purchase good pieces for a good price. Either way, the pieces are absolutely gorgeous and it’s definitely worth a look, so check out their Instagram to have an idea of what you’re getting into!

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5- Goodwill

Finally, you can’t go wrong with a classic like goodwill. The best thing is that you have many locations to choose from and different opportunities to find lovely pieces for your closet! As an OG thrift store, this one is a thrifter favourite, especially because you can get some of the best prices for your findings in the city. So don’t waste any more time and make a list of the best goodwill stores to check out on your next outing! 


From thrifting in community staples like goodwill or hitting up all the newest and trendiest spots downtown, you have a lot of really good options to choose from in Toronto. We hope we were able to give you good options for the next time you go out for a thrifting ride!


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