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The Best Tropical Destinations To Go To In 2021

The Best Tropical Destinations To Go To In 2021

It’s a new year, and with hopes of a vaccine and an eventual recovery from the pandemic, a lot of countries are preparing for a potential reopening of borders, especially in tropical places where the tourism industry accounts for the majority of earnings. I know – it may seem a little odd to talk about travel after the past year, and we already gave you tips on how to travel during the pandemic. The last year has forever changed our perception of making plans, because what’s the point of making future plans when something might unexpectedly pop up again, like a waiter during an argument.

Regardless, we like to remain positive and hopeful over here – that and engage in a lot of daydreaming about relaxing on a nice, sunny beach somewhere and connecting with nature. We already talked about how sustainable tourism might be the future of tourism after we all reemerge from the pandemic. We can’t really predict the future in terms of unexpected events, but 2021 could be a year of individual self-care and economic rebound for some countries; so we came up with a short list of the best tropical destinations for your next vacation (or vivid dream), hopefully this year or the next. 


Source: Conrad Hotels and Resorts – Hilton 

The island is already a familiar destination and is not new to travelholics with its turquoise waters and heavenly sceneries. The Maldives are also known for its kind-hearted and hospitable people, as well as socially-distanced private bungalows under the sun. Also, the island’s Minister of Tourism has just inaugurated the “Maldives Border Miles” program where tourists can earn points and rewards from their stays. The program is aimed to boost tourism and help the economy after a four-month-long shutdown of its tourism industry due to the global pandemic. 

St. Lucia

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The Eastern Caribbean island is home to breathless mountain sites, volcanic beaches and countless luxury resorts. St. Lucia is yet another small country heavily reliant on tourism. It is extremely popular as a honeymoon destination and is also the perfect place for nature lovers or those wishing to connect more with vast airy spaces. St. Lucia is one place to keep on your travel list and is also one of many Carribean countries that had a very efficient response and control plan for the virus while continuing to allow travellers in. 

Koh Samui – Thailand

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Source: The Ritz-Carleton Koh Samui

There is something special about Thailand’s hospitality, and travelholics and bloggers often refer to it as the “perfect introduction” to discovering South-East Asia for those wishing to embark on that journey. The kingdom does not require Canada and U.S passport holders to acquire tourist visas for stays of up to 30 days and its borders are currently open with a few restrictions and requirements. But far from the well-known and touristic cities of Bangkok and Phuket, the island of Koh Samui is slowly drawing interest amongst celebrities and travelers for its calm beaches and tropical rainforests. The island is definitely a place to visit – or revisit if you’ve already been to Thailand, but only experienced busy cities and bubbling street markets. 


Source: Asia Dreams

Last on our list is the Indonesian province of Bali which is the country’s main tourist destination and accounts for 80 per cent of its economy. Bali is yet another destination that is not new to travel enthusiasts, but is also on everyone’s watchlist this year for the grand opening of Potato Head’s Creative Village this spring. The resort by the ocean is described as the meeting point of music, art, design, food and wellness and will feature “an art gallery, a lab focused on sustainability, a recording studio, and a subterranean discotheque.” This is guaranteed to satisfy architecture and art enthusiasts and is a good opportunity to discover the Seminyak area of Bali. 
Keep in mind that air travel restrictions will be determined by each country’s individual rules and reopenings. Trust me, I am as desperate to travel as you are, but if staying home is the best thing that we can do to guarantee future travel, then we must push ourselves to go on the best trip of all for a little longer: the inner journey of self-discovery. If you do decide to travel, don’t forget to check out our tips on how to choose a travel agent and the best insurance. But whether abroad or domestically, we hope this list inspired you to make new – and hopeful – plans for the year to come (or the next) should we be given the green light to embark on new journeys around our lovely little planet earth.

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