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The Bridge Between Fashion and Film: Canada’s International Fashion Film Festival

The Bridge Between Fashion and Film: Canada’s International Fashion Film Festival

The Canadian International Fashion Film Festival (CANIFFF) was established back in 2016 by three fashion and film-loving women from Calgary. They wanted to create something that was different and unique for Canada and thus CANIFFF was born. It has more recently been brought over to Toronto and is amidst its planning for this year’s festival. 

CANIFFF is part of a circuit of 46 fashion film festivals hosted around the world. Though these festivals are still a mostly unknown phenomenon, CANIFFF is one of the top 10 festivals in the fashion film industry. It all started with the Berlin Fashion Film Festival that aimed to spotlight all aspects of the creative industries. 

The Dreamer by Robert The Santos

Roger Gingerich, CEO of CANIFFF says “Fashion is one of the essentials of life. It comes in many forms like in the way we decorate our home or how we curate our lives.” These fashion festivals are fashion shorts. Which are film shorts that range from 1-15 minutes and are created by filmmakers for creative purposes or by designers and stylists to share their brand.

This year, the CANIFFF team is gearing up for a new format for the festival. Due to COVID-19, they have moved all presentations to a digital platform. The festival will be taking place on October 26 and 27, 2020. You can purchase a membership that allows you to view ten episodes of curated fashion shorts and gives you the ability to vote for different categories based on the level of your membership. 

Never Standing Still – Hong Kong Ballet by Dean Alexander

Along with their high-profile judging panel, who are a mix of both fashion and film professionals, the voting process will also go back into the consumer-members hands, says Gingerich. They will be partnering up with some Toronto Universities to hold small events (per government rules) which will all be available to view online as well as the awards ceremony. 

Through its diverse selection of fashion films, coming from 20 different countries all over the world, CANIFFF is bringing together creators and directors alike to give them a platform to bring fashion and film together. “Fashion becomes the main character in fashion film festivals” Gingerich explains. The purpose of the festival is to create recognizability for brands and designers. With the rise of fashion films, directors and studios in the film world are looking for the “who’s who” in each industry to help one another. 

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“I hope that this festival creates inspiration. That people can take away new ideas and fresh ways of doing things. Or collaborating with different people and gaining new perspectives and relationships from that” Gingerich says. 

Check out CANIFFF’s trailer and to keep up with all of this year’s festivities visit: www.canifff.com

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