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The First Metaverse Fashion Week

The First Metaverse Fashion Week

This past March, we had the first ever Metaverse Fashion Week on Decentraland, debuting virtual collections of many brands in their new Luxury Fashion District, the most wide-ranging attempt to reproduce the feel of real-life fashion week so far, counting on approximately 108K people.

The daily fashion shows were held on a central runway, showcasing the collections of brands, such as Dolce&Gabbana, that displayed twenty different looks to later be auctioned as NFT. 

Other brands, such as The Fabricant, opted for a different approach. The brand decided to showcase more simple pieces, as the ones usually found in-stores, instead of bigger and fancier creations. 


Also, brands like Tommy Hilfiger presented bomber jackets, a sweatshirt set and plaid shirt for their summer 2022 collection, allowing the costumers to buy these pieces both virtually or physically through the brand’s website.

Additionally, the event counted with other types of entertainment, like after-show parties, just like real-life fashion weeks. For this year’s Metaverse Fashion Week, the after-parties were held by Dolce&Gabbana, Faith Connexion, Blond:ish, and Imitation of Christ!

Regarding the whole event, Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro, Decentraland’s events and community producer said “we felt that 2022 was an especially big year for digital fashion, observing other projects and brands like The Fabricant (…) getting involved in digital and physical fashion. We felt our community was ready to embrace that, and our creators were ready to work with brands.”

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Truth is, the Metaverse Fashion Week enabled many more people and brands to be a part of the fashion week dynamic, using new tools and opening up a new universe for the future in the fashion world. 

As this edition was only the first of the Metaverse Fashion Week, we can only expect more improvements and news for the next one, as this one was already above all the expectations!

Let us know your thoughts on the first ever Metaverse Fashion Week and if you hope to see more in the future!

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