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The Jayne Nicole Story

The Jayne Nicole Story

Let’s talk, HOSIERY!

Have you ever had trouble finding your exact shade when it comes to shopping for sheer pantyhose or opaque tights? Would you consider investing in some great quality, luxurious and affordable hosiery? Do you want to support an amazing Canadian Black-owned business? I already know the answer is yes to at least one of these questions, therefore, you’ve come to the right place!

Jayne Nicole was born in Montreal, Quebec and was working in the fashion and beauty industry for 21 years before starting her hosiery business in 2016. Jayne Nicole Hosiery focuses on creating nude shades for people of colour and in particular, more custom style shades that are almost impossible to find anywhere! This idea really came to fruition when Jayne was not able to find her own shade when shopping/working in mainstream department stores in Canada.

Jayne Nicole Hosiery currently carries seven gorgeous shades ranging from dark to light, and the quality is excellent. “I took my time in finding the best pair. I ordered so many samples to try out the waist band, foot, crotch area, what is too tight, too loose, too shiny, open toed, reinforced toe, not showing ugly shadow – a lot of thought went into it because I was able to build it myself” says Jayne. This is truly a brand that was well thought out, has gone through many trial stages and has been fully perfected from the inside out. Not only can you expect great style from this brand, but comfort too. “I wanted it to be high quality, and a true representation of me – I wanted it to be beautiful”. 

Each of the current seven shades are colour matched to Mac and Nars foundation shades (genius, right?!), so if you’re looking to place an order Jayne has made that much easier for you to find your perfect match. Another cool and inspiring feature of this product is that the name of each shade is an affirmation; “ I am beautiful, I am captivating, I am glamorous, I am exquisite, I am gorgeous, I am fabulous, and I am irresistible”. This idea materialized because Jayne wanted to inspire and empower people, “It is more than just a hosiery brand. I want to empower all women, men, transgender, whoever, to feel comfortable, confident and empowered,” she said.

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Jayne Nicole Hosiery was named after the woman herself, but these names have more meaning than you may think. Jayne was adopted into a caucasian family when she was one year old. Her adopted mother gave her the name Jayne and kept the name Jayne’s birth mother gave her as her middle name: Nicole. The backstory from her name brings so much power and strength that is  carried throughout her entire brand. 

Jayne Nicole Hosiery was launched in the midst of Covid-19 and has been growing tremendously ever since. If you’re looking to start your own business or are trying to achieve your goals and reach your dreams, Jayne Nicole is a perfect example of someone who has succeeded by working hard and not giving up on her dreams. “Get a laptop, Google and don’t listen to anybody! If you feel you have that purpose and you’re driven, then do it… I almost gave up after calling 83 manufacturers (that were declining the idea left and right)…and the next call they were able to do it”. This shows that you should not give up on your dreams and if you work hard, you will achieve them!

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