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The Oversized Blazer Trend

The Oversized Blazer Trend

The big blazer look is not a new trend, but the popularity of this trend is constantly resurfacing. In 2020, every woman went crazy for this clothing staple, as a reappearance of vintage fashion. This fun look derives from the 1980s where large blazers with shoulder pads were essential to workwear. The boxy figure is chic and formal and can be worn on workdays or remixed as a more casual look on the weekends. In 2020, this trend commonly came in plaid, pastels, mixing and matching of colours and were often combined with patching pants. Thus, making it a versatile piece and easy to pair your oversized blazer with just about anything.

Scrolling through social media, you will be able to see that creators are finding unique ways to make an oversized blazer blur the line between business and weekend wear. Although the oversized blazer is still an office staple, these creators are taking it a step further and playing around with a variety of combinations, prints and accessories. No matter the outfit, there is always a way to add an oversized blazer into the mix.

Ways to style an oversized blazer


For a business look, you can pair your oversized blazer with a matching set and black boots or high waisted pants with heels.


A monochromatic look never goes out of style. Achieving a monochromatic look is as simple as pairing a matching dress pant with your oversized blazer.


The concept of mixing workwear and street style is a fairly new trend. Likewise, bike shorts are another popular trend; combine them with your oversized blazer to create the perfect street style look. If biker shorts aren’t your thing, throw on a pair of leggings to complete the look. 

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Adding patterns into your wardrobe may be scary, at first, but it is worth the risk. Floral patterns and animal print are back in, so why not add an oversized blazer into the mix? You have two options; this can be achieved with either a printed blazer or wearing other prints with your oversized blazer. 

These are some of the many, many ways you can style your oversized blazer. While different styles of blazers will go in and out of fashion, it seems like the oversized blazer is here to stay.

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