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The Shift To A Virtual Fitness Industry Amidst COVID-19

The Shift To A Virtual Fitness Industry Amidst COVID-19

Over the last three months, the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has flipped the lives of many upside down. Whether this means you have been forced to stay inside, laid off from your job, or have had no choice but to learn how to WFH in a new routine, the current situation has not been ideal. 

For many individuals, while living through a time of global stress and anxiety, it is especially difficult to manage your mental and physical well being. Thankfully, due to the wonders of technology and the digital age we live in, the resources to help us have grown rapidly in past weeks.

As one of many industries that have suffered due to the pandemic, the fitness world initially entered a slump when gyms and fitness centers around the world had no choice but to shut down. Being a critical part of many people’s regular routines, both clients and workers were significantly impacted. After the initial shock from the pandemic, health and fitness professionals quickly came together around the world to shift their industry into virtually driven communities using a number of various platforms and methods. 

With new influencers consistently popping up, it is no surprise that Instagram is an easy way to reach a broad audience and gain a following. The given situation has allowed fitness influencers and professionals to use their Instagram accounts to not only share tips and advice amidst the pandemic but also promote their online workout classes and even offer free sessions through the Instagram Live and IGTV features.

Check out my top five accounts making the most of this pandemic:

1. All Day Fit

Image via Emma Arsenault

All Day Fit founded by Cassie Day (@cassiedayyy) focuses on community, strength, sustainability and body positivity. Since founding her company in 2016, Day has built a lively community in Toronto while also growing her online following through her Instagram account. As she consistently focuses on uplifting the community she has created, her bubbly personality is shown in every post and story with her bright smile and motivating captions. 

At the start of Toronto’s lockdown, Day found a solution to the closing of her gym space and cancelling of her classes by offering her services through an Online Hub. With a variety of packages offered, old and new clients have the opportunity to join classes daily, work with a personal trainer one-on-one, and connect with the ADF community from wherever you are. In the case that you are searching for free resources, check out Cassie’s IGTV for topics such as motivation and tips on your form.

If you are looking to stay motivated and strengthen your body, ADF is the place for you!

Image via @cassiedayyy IGTV
Image via @cassiedayyy IGTV

2. Melissa Wood Health (MWH)

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Melissa Wood-Tepperberg (@melissawoodhealth), the creator of the MWHmethod, uses her platform to share her healthy lifestyle along with her secret to “long lean lines”. Through self-reflection and lifestyle changes, Wood worked hard to develop her brand around mindfulness and self-care. Although MWH originated online, the pandemic has led the community to grow larger. Based in New York City, Melissa constantly shares what life is like trying to WFH in quarantine with two young children in the house, which has created a platform that many mothers are able to relate to. 

Image via

Offering an affordable membership of only $10 a month, Wood shares a number of various workouts on her website focusing on low-impact movement. Including prenatal and postnatal movement, a treadmill series, abs and arms, full-body work, and even meditation, MWH has something for everyone. You can also find a collection of free quick workouts using only your own body weight on her IGTV. If you are interested in staying active at home and moving your body while avoiding anything too intense, find MWH HERE.

3. Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp, the cardio and strength training workout class that has become extremely popular through its 39 global locations, took the leap towards online classes mid-March.

Image Via @barrys IGTV

Through the use of the IGTV channel on the @barrys Instagram account, both a full body and bands workout are shared everyday by different instructors across a number of different states. The best part is, it’s completely FREE!

The IGTV feature allows the workouts to be watched anytime (as opposed to an Instagram Live that disappears after 24-hours), so everyone around the world has the flexibility to follow the workouts whenever they choose.

Check out Barry’s HERE.

4. Chloe Ting

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Chloe Ting, another girl boss who originated her community online, has grown immensely since the start of the pandemic. Through her YouTube channel, Ting shares her workouts and fitness challenges that have gained her 6.44 million subscribers.

Due to popular platforms such as Tik Tok and YouTube, people have been sharing their quarantine results from her 2-week challenges and encouraging others to try it with them. Ting herself has also created a space to share the results of her community on her second Instagram page, @itschloeting.

Image via

If you are in search of a high-intensity workout that will have you dripping sweat, check out Chloe’s FREE programs HERE.

5. Cali Fuller

While many people love going to the gym, Cali Fuller wanted to focus on the many people who feel intimated in a gym space and don’t know how to use equipment properly. Motivated to change her lifestyle after going through hard times in her personal life, Cali created @CaliFullerFit to focus on home-based workouts with no real equipment.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of at-home workouts has led to many people either unable to afford weights or unable to find any online due to the current high demand. Thankfully, Cali develops her programs using either no weight at all or weight using items that would commonly be found around any household like a pillow or a water bottle.

Fuller’s programs that target specific areas can be purchased on her website, or free at-home workout videos can be found on her Instagram page.

In an attempt to make the best of a bad situation, take the time during this pandemic to self-reflect and focus on yourself. Whether that means trying a new workout whenever possible or just taking this time to relax, at the end of the day remember to not be too hard on yourself!

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