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The Top 9 Timeless Beauty Hacks That Work

The Top 9 Timeless Beauty Hacks That Work

Beauty tips and tricks are constantly being reimagined. From the latest face cream to the most glamorous eyeshadow palettes, the options and trends are endless. Although these trends can be fun and inspiring, they can also become overwhelming, and going back to basics can be refreshing.

Beauty hacks have come a long way and it is safe to say that no longer using arsenic for hair remover is a step in the right direction. It has also been reported that lead, mercury, and radium have also been incorporated into past beauty regimes. Maybe not all old-school beauty hacks are meant to last and with time a better understanding of beauty products emerges. 

Modern beauty does not have to be complicated and it is the simple routines and hacks that remain consistent over time.

  1. Moisturize 

This beauty tip is essential and has never gone out of style. The Today Show reveals how moisturizer has evolved from Crisco and Noxema. Of course, whatever hydration needs your skin has there is a variety to choose from. The bottom line is – hydrated skin is healthy skin. 

2. Splash Ice Water on Your Face 

Who needs an expensive facial when the answer lies in ice water? Water is a necessary step for hydration and overall health. Cosmopolitan reveals that this old-school hack tightens the skin naturally. Try this easy, budget-friendly hack at home to reveal firmer, more youthful-looking skin in minutes. 

3. Protect Your Skin from the Sun 

Staying out of the sun used to be done in an effort to stay cool, now it is understood that protection from UVA rays are important. Utilizing SPF products and clothing can help avoid the harmful impacts of UVA rays. Sunscreen should be worn everyday to avoid skin damage and wrinkles.

4. Do a Rosemary Foot Bath 

A 1914 beauty book suggests that warm water combined with rosemary sprigs are beneficial, according to Buzzfeed. Although this remedy was created before the existence of nail salons, it proves to be great for self-care and aromatherapy today. 

5. Use Your Lipstick as a Blush

Women back in the 1940s often used their lip stain products as a multi-purpose tool. Applying dots to the cheeks and spreading it with tissue paper to create blush. This versatile hack instantly expands your blush options, giving you a perfectly matched natural-looking glow; minus the extra costs.

6. Facial Massages

According to XO Jane, a 1930s beautician textbook encourages facial massages to improve oil distribution and the removal of loose skin. This simple, beneficial beauty step is still popular today and is perfect for de-stressing! 

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7. Spices as Perfume 

Long lasting fragrances do not have to be outside of your budget. Instead, use a small amount of vanilla extract on the neck or skin where needed. This beauty hack, introduced by Readers Digest is a tip that creates an effortless dupe for a classic fragrance. 

8. Sleep With Clean Skin 

Much like staying hydrated, maintaining a clean canvas is essential for healthy skin. The simplicity of sleeping with a fresh face is crucial in maintaining skin health and hygiene. 

9. Benefits of Rose Water 

Much like splashing ice water on the face, rose water also has similar benefits. It is not only moisturizing but has also been proven to help with reducing the signs of aging. Not to mention it smells amazing!

We hope you enjoy these trying out these beauty hacks!

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