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These Amazing Jeans Are Made From Coffee Grounds & Recycled Bottles!

These Amazing Jeans Are Made From Coffee Grounds & Recycled Bottles!

Coalatree recently launched these innovative jeans created using coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles! With the production of denim wreaking havoc on our environment, this is surely a sustainability-win for the fashion industry!

For the past decade, Coalatree has been designing eco-conscious, performance-minded outdoor apparel. Now, they have mastered a pair of comfortable JEANS which reflect their, and a growing number of other people’s values as well. 

After learning about the overuse of the earth’s resources to make one pair of jeans (over 2,000 gallons of water), I’m so happy to be writing about advancements in the industry that tackle this issue.

Adding to their already green collection of clothing, Coalatree’s Decaf Denim is made from a combination of organic cotton (eliminating the need for pesticides), recycled plastic, and used coffee grounds which negates the need for excess cotton farming.

Drastically cutting back on the amount of water needed to produce these jeans, the water the company does use is mainly recycled gray water, and recycled CO2 water vapour. Plus, they are dyed using a waterless method, in solar-panel-powered factories. 

So how exactly are they made?? 

The coffee grounds are first collected from local coffee shops – often by employees on their way to Coalatree in the morning (very efficient). The coffee is then dried and separated from oils, which is further ground into nano-sized particles. Plastic bottles are collected from local recycling centers, which are dried and shredded into small flakes, then melted down and expelled through a sieve into small fibers. Both of these resources are then combined to create yarn for the manufacturing of your jeans!
Coalatree’s Coffee Tech design features UV protection, odor resistance, wrinkle resistance, water resistance, and offers cooling-technology benefits. All of the products (including the jeans!) are also lightweight, stretchable/expandable, and of course, comfortable.

Since these natural benefits are built into the fibers of the clothing products and are not chemically added, they’ll never wash out either, making them a long-lasting investment to savour. 

To date, Coalatree has saved 139,878 plastic bottles and 82,301 cups of coffee grounds from landfills since introducing their “Coffee Tech” innovative design. Each shirt in their coffee collection contains the equivalent of 10 cups of coffee grounds and 10 plastic bottles! 

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Set to launch and ship early next year, we can pre-order them now using Decaf Denim’s Kickstarter campaign to support the initiative AND receive a deal on the company’s rarely discounted gear. 

So take advantage of this opportunity to get your hands on some new (but made from recycled materials) denim and don’t feel bad about it! 

Now you can kick some butt in your new jeans. Not your caffeine intake!

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